A statement in more sustainable cable management

Introducing the S50ROS


A high performance cable tie – tied to your sustainability goals

A cable tie made from polypropylene (PP), the S50ROS is your climate-friendlier choice for robust and reliable bundling applications.

With its optimised head design, outside serration and anti-slip feature, the S50ROS provides a secure grip on sensitive, smooth cables while preventing lateral movement.

  • Climate impact: Provides a more sustainable alternative with a lower carbon footprint for excellence in cable management.

  • Technical performance: Ensures reliable, durable cable fastening with a tensile strength of 185N and chemical resistance, while gently handling thin-walled cables.

  • Versatility: Flexible and adaptable for various applications and workflows, serving as an effective alternative to standard cable ties made from other engineering thermoplastics.

Let's make a positive difference together!

Polypropylene – a climate-friendlier alternative


At industrial consumption scale, switching material can make a really positive difference.

Using polypropylene helps reduce the CO2 emissions of our products and its high recyclability supports the circular economy at the end of their use by our customers.

This results in the S50ROS, for example, having a CO2 footprint that is up to 70% lower than comparable ties made from other materials. 

  • Lower energy consumption: PP requires less energy to produce than many other materials, hence its significantly lower carbon footprint.
  • Good recyclability: PP is the most versatile and easiest post-consumer polymer to recycle and the recycling infrastructure is well-established.
  • Enhanced durability: PP's resistance to chemicals, acids, and bases contributes to its extended lifespan, minimising the need for replacements, which equal further resource depletion.

Learn here more about what rethinking the materials we use” means for us.

Designed for excellence across all applications


The S50ROS cable tie is well-suited for industries like automotive and electrical due to its durablechemical-resistant material and sustainability focus.

Its versatility is further enhanced by our combinable range of mounting options, featuring base components with established performance.

  • Weld stud
  • Fir tree
  • EdgeClip
  • Adhesive mounts

The S50ROS features an anti-slip design that securely grips sensitive, smooth cables and prevents lateral movement. Its adaptability makes it suitable for a wide range of applications and workflows, offering a reliable alternative to other standard cable ties.


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