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Re-adjust, re-connect, re-locate, re-structure


#SafelyTogether: Products that support safe, flexible and hygienic workplaces

Woman wearing PPE unpacking a delivery Woman wearing PPE unpacking a delivery

The Covid-19 pandemic is teaching us that many aspects of our regular daily life just can't be taken for granted. The workplace must be safe and meet guidelines for social distancing and rigorous hygiene. Adjustment and flexible organisation are the order of the day. Disconnecting, re-routing and re-connecting equipment is a challenge HellermannTyton products will help you master. Many of them are reusable, saving you time and effort with your cable management in future. We are #SafelyTogether



Safety & hygiene


Help your staff mitigate the stress from sharing spaces and equipment

Staying safe and well is at the top of everybody's list right now. From the hygienic operation of door handles and push buttons, to the installation of cough and sneeze protection shields or the cleaning and tracking of personal protective equipment (PPE), here you can find products that help us all work #SafelyTogether.



Non-contact PPE door handle opener

Reduce the risk of smear infection in your workplace with the EasyDoor+™ non-contact PPE handle
EasyDoor+ is a versatile piece of PPE anyone can use to open door handles, press buttons or switches without having to touch the surface directly. EasyDoor+ is made from glass-fibre reinforced polypropylene with an antimicrobial additive. The material doesn’t scratch metallic surfaces. Available in handy bags of 10 or bulk boxes of 1000.

  • Ergonomic, lightweight and hygienic hand tool
  • Silver-based additive removes 99% of microbes in 2 hours
  • Washable (dishwasher, hydro-alcoholic gel/spray, disinfectant or wipes)
  • Reduces consumption of disposable gloves

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Reliclean antibacterial wipes for cleaning without water

No water to hand? Clean tools, equipment and hands with Reliclean cleaning tissues

Reliclean wipes remove even the most stubborn dirt like ink and soot. They are antibacterial, moisturising and don't leave any residue behind. Supplied in a storage bucket, Reliclean is an ideal all-rounder for wiping down equipment and surfaces in the workplace.

  • Binds the dirt without leaving any residue
  • Moisturising and quick drying
  • Antibacterial, non-toxic and non-irritant
  • Biodegradable

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RFID cable ties

RFID cable ties for digital equipment tracking

Track who last checked in shared equipment and whether it has been disinfected

The segregation of teams in shifts or pods is posing new challenges to equipment management. Auto-ID processes using RFID tags and readers are providing flexible digital solutions. Our Cable ties with integrated RFID tags are ideal for the unique identification and tracking of shared resources.

  • High frequency (HF 13.56 MHz) tags integrated in the tie
  • Contactless reading and documentation possible
  • Tag rewritable to record disinfection or maintenance status
  • Robust and resistant to cleaning processes

Discover the RFID advantages here


Signs & marking


Cooperation begins with clear communication. Coloured electrical tape or specialised cloth tapes are often sufficient for cordoning spaces. Releasable and reusable cable ties are great for temporary marking. When identification needs to be explicit or is defined by industry standards or changing health and safety requirements, HellermannTyton's broad identification product portfolio is ideally suited to the flexible marking of equipment to individual requirements.


HelaTape Tex

HelaTape Tex is available in seven colours

Flexibly mark off areas with a hard-wearing tape that removes without leaving sticky residue

Floor marking that indicates where to walk or stand in compliance with recommended social distance is now part of the new norm. HelaTape Tex is a PE-coated cloth tape with a matt surface. Originally designed to make life easier for stagehands, this high-quality professional tape is great for temporary marking and securing.

  • Strong, yet easy to tear off lengths by hand
  • Quality rubber-based adhesive and tough coating
  • Can be removed without leaving sticky residue behind
  • Available in 7 colours, lengths and 19 mm or 50mm widths

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LR55 releasable cable ties

Releasable LR55 cable ties are ideal for temporary ID purposes

Simple temporary identification that won’t let you down – until you decide to take it down

HellermannTyton offers a wide range of releasable cable ties. With six colours to choose from, the LR55 Series is great for delimiting areas temporarily or indicating the status of items in the workplace. Just pull back the lever that is attached to the pawl in the tie head to release the strap.

  • Releasable and reusable cable tie
  • 6 colours for applications needing colour coding
  • Extended trigger for simple release of ties
  • Outside serration prevents damage bundled goods

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RiteOn cable labels

RiteOn makes it easy to write and dispense self-laminating labels

Manually mark all cables to make moving and reconnecting office equipment simpler

The RiteOn starter pack is a self-laminating label dispenser with fast-drying indelible ink marker. It is ideal for occasional for maintenance and repair work. The dispenser is shaped to make it easy to write on the label and apply it without touching the adhesive. The starter pack includes a roll of 150 RiteOn labels.

  • Wide range of wire diameters covered by one label
  • Acrylic-based material conforms to the cable contour and does not lift off
  • Resistant to water, oil and many solvents

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HelaTag 1104 laser printer labels

Helatag 1104 laser printable labels for clear identification of labels

Ideal when restructuring demands a ton of cable labelling and a laser printer is to hand

There is nothing worse than clearly labelling all your cables only to find that they peel off and don’t go the distance. Helatag 1104 are high-quality self-laminating labels supplied on DIN-A4 sheets that you can print on using a regular office laser printer could be just the solution you need.

  • Rounded edge design gives additional bonding strength
  • Laminate protects against humidity and mechanical abrasion
  • Transparent tail wraps around itself, protecting the text
  • MS Word template available from

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See also TagPrint Pro label creation software which you can use to create barcodes or print series from an excel table in a couple of clicks.


Panel plate labels

Panel labels are an ideal replacement for engraved plates

Produce equipment labels to different specifications flexibly and on-site

Panel labels are durable adhesive labels made from polyester that you can print on to individual requirements using a thermal transfer printer system. They are a cost-effective alternative to engraved plates that you can produce on site for all general equipment labelling needs.

  • Available in silver or white and in various dimensions
  • Rounded corners ensure better long-term adhesion durability
  • Crisp, high-contrast print results
  • Outstanding chemical resistance using the TT122OUT ribbon

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If you are new to thermal transfer printing, then be sure to visit our thermal transfer printing FAQ information.


Cable bundling and protection


Where desks, equipment and machinery need to be moved because, it's important to choose cable management solutions with future needs scoped in. Quality products that can be reused, grant you the flexibility to make changes to the wiring organisation efficiently and with the assurance that cables will not become hazards. We also offer cable ties that can be applied easily when wearing gloves.


FKH clip mounts

FKH mounts are a simple solution for routing cables around workspaces

Retain cabling around workspaces with practical and fully reusable clamps

FKH mounts are designed to route the cables commonly used in IT installations, in entertainment electronics or for connecting sensors. They clip firmly without crushing the cables and can be released with one hand. FKH mounts are available in 4 different dimensions for self-adhesive and/or screwable application.

  • Quick to install
  • Retains cables firmly without crushing them
  • Can be released and reused easily
  • Suitable for round and flat cables of varying size

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SpeedyTie is ideal for temporary but safe bundling of loads up to approx. 90 kg

Always have an extra hand to hand with SpeedyTie in your toolbox

SpeedyTie is a releasable cable tie designed to give installers an extra hand when they need one. This versatile reusable tie is long and strong and ideal for temporarily bundling or hanging loads. The lever mechanism is simple to operate when wearing safety gloves.

  • Releasable cable tie that is easy to handle wearing gloves
  • Bears loads of up to 888 N (approx. 90 kg)
  • 750 mm long for use in a wide variety of applications
  • Available in signal yellow and in black

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TEXTIE hook and loop ties

TEXTIE hook and loop ties are available in different colours and lengths

Open and close cable bundles time and again with hook and loop ties

TEXTIE cable ties are made from hard-wearing hook and loop material that is soft on sensitive cables. They can be reopened and reused hundreds of times. TEXTIE is available in various colours and lengths.

  • Reusable up to 400 times
  • Can be attached to the bundle permanently
  • 6 colours for easy identification
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

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Hook and loop also makes the HELAHOOK braided sleeve a versatile and reusable addition to cable protection around the workplace.


Helagaine Twist-In wrap around sleeve

Twist-In is a self-closing polyester cable protection sleeve

Retrofit protection to cables easily with a self-closing and reusable woven sleeve

Helagaine Twist-in is a cable protection sleeve woven so that it self-closes. This makes it quick and easy to apply and later remove and re-apply for inspection or maintenance. The sturdy polyester material is an ideal layer of abrasion protection on pre-terminated cables.

  • Self-closing sleeve made of sturdy polyester
  • Good protection against abrasion
  • Ideal for retrofitting on pre-terminated cables
  • Quick and easy installation and removal without tools

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Restructuring and reorganising production


"Bring end production back home" is a thought crossing the minds of many manufacturers right now. If you need to reorganise processes and machinery or need to increase the flexibility and safety of your cable management, HellermannTyton has the right product solution ready and waiting for you.


HelaWrap cable cover

Zip on HelaWrap with the HAT applicator to protect cables and hoses

Robust cable covers that are as easy to install as closing a zip

HelaWrap is perfect for bundling cables and wires wherever mechanical protection is required. It a real timesaver when industrial floorplans change and machinery re-cabled. Just insert the cables in the applicator tool and pull them through the cable cover like closing a zip. The design makes it simple to branched out cables exactly where you need them.

  • Handy 2m lengths in several diameters and colours
  • Quick to apply with HAT applicator tool (included)
  • Special profile enables cable branching at any point
  • Easy to remove and reapply

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ACFM cable tie mounts for frames

ACFM cable tie mounts are designed to lock into aluminium frame T-slots

Use the T-slot of aluminium construction frames to securely route machine cables

ACFM cable tie mounts make it easy to route cables on construction frames safely. They can be mounted or dismounted in the frame profile with a 90° rotation. No holes, no screws and no slot nuts are required. Cables can be fixed parallel or perpendicular to the frame.

  • Secures in the frame slot with a 90° turn
  • No installation tools required
  • Cable ties up to 8 mm width can be used
  • Fits 10 mm slot width of commonly used 45 mm frame profile

Product details here


ATS3080 waste-free bundling tool

The ATS3080 automatic cable tying system

Bring cable tying and bundling in end production back home with an automatic system

The electrically operated Autotool System 3080 automatic cable tying system is unique. It delivers reliable high-volume and waste-free bundling that can significantly reduce production overheads. Three interchangeable jaws cover bundle diameters up to 80 mm. The system can be integrated into fully automated processes, bench mounted or suspended for easy manual operation.

  • Unique design creates zero cut-off cable tie strap waste
  • Perfect bundle diameter detected automatically
  • Three jaws supplied for bundle Ø up to 30 mm, 50 mm and 80 mm
  • Cycle time 1.1-2.4 seconds depending on bundle diameter

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