Cable holders made of plastic: easy installation and secure retention anywhere

Your application deserves the right cable holder

Interconnectable IAHC3T cable holder with locking snapper.

When it comes to securely fastening and routing cables and wires, cable holders are indispensable. No matter whether you need to reliably retain individual cables and wires or parallel route several wires, holders from HellermannTyton provide you with a practical and versatile solutions. 

They are suitable for a wide range of applications and can be combined with other products.

Typical application examples

The growing number of electronic components in various branches of industry presents cable management with lots of new challenges. For example, the lines must be routed without rattling or be easier to install
In addition, it must be possible to maintain the cable safely and quickly.

HellermannTyton offers cable holders for specific industries and fields of application, including:

  • automotive industry
  • commercial vehicles
  • white goods
  • panel building
  • electrical installation
  • mechanical engineering

Application advantages

AHC3CH2 cable clips offer a simple and secure method of attaching cables to holes in panels
  • Time saving due to quick and simple installation of the cable organizer onto hoses, pipes or other lines
  • Orderly installation thanks to parallel routing of several cables and wires
  • Rotatable fastening elements for flexible cable routing in different directions or to compensate for movement


Especially when it comes to replacing heavy metal brackets, plastic mounting solutions help save space and weight.

Cable holder solutions overview

With fir tree

T50SOSFT6LG-E2 cable holder for round holes: can be used with a variety of panel thicknesses.
  • Covers a wide range of hole sizes, and sheet metal and wall thicknesses
  • Can also be used in blind holes with threads
  • Clear time advantage over screwable holders
  • Protection against dirt and water ingress thanks to plate
  • Low insertion force when fixing the holders by means of lamellas
  • Frequently used wire holder, for example, in car body construction, in the electrical industry and in switch cabinet construction
  • Available in many different versions

With arrow head

The releasable and reusable T50SST5 wire holder is ideal for the removal or the subsequent addition of cables.
  • Tool-free assembly
  • High pull-out and holding force, even with loads from different directions
  • Protection against dirt, water and dust thanks to plates
  • The very slim geometry makes it particularly suitable for installation in confined spaces.
  • Available in different versions

Without drilling – with weld stud holder

Most of the HellermannTyton wire holders are easy to install without the need for a tool.
  • Tool-free mounting on weld studs or threaded studs
  • No drill holes necessary
  • Easy to press on ("soft push")
  • Easy to loosen later by turning to the left
  • Primarily used in the automotive industry
  • Available in different versions

For screwing

Cable holders in the D-Clip series save time and cost because the cable is simply pressed into the holder

In addition to fastenings for sticking, plugging or clipping, HellermannTyton also offers classic cable clips for screw mounting. Examples include our various cable tie mounts or screwable D-clips.

Your advantages:

  • Time- and cost-saving fastening
  • Simple fixing of the cables in the holder
  • Available in different sizes

Holder for easy clipping on – thanks to push and click system

With its easy push-and-click system AHC cable clips are used in a wide range of applications across various industries.


The requirements for orderly and safe cable routing are becoming more and more demanding. With HellermannTyton AHC series you can fasten your cables and wires quickly and easily wherever reliable cable routing is required – for example in panel building, in mechanical engineering or in vehicle assembly.



Advantages of the AHC cable holder clips:

  • Practical push-and-click system for easy mounting
  • Tight, secure fit of the cable 
  • Snapper allows for tolerances 
  • Rattle protection when installed in applications that move
  • Self-closing and re-openable for maintenance
  • Fastening with fir tree or arrow head foot part for round and oval holes
  • Available in black or grey and also without the foot part


Cable holder for routing several cables

Holders from HellermannTyton can guide cables in different directions depending on the requirements. Twistable couplers even allow rotation of up to 360°. The decisive advantage: This 
compensates for  movement of the cable in the application and helps minimise the risk of cable damage – which also has a positive impact on maintenance costs.  HellermannTyton offers any other cable protection solutions.

Interconnectable automative harness clips

The cable holders in the IAHC series are used wherever several cables have to be routed in parallel. As with the AHC series, the cables are fastened quickly and easily using the push-and-click system. Particularly practical: Several IAHC holders can be connected and combined with each other by means of a coupler. The fastened cables can all be mounted on a single fixing point.

With the T50SMVCOC19 wire holder the routed cable can move in any direction in relation to the mounting point.

The wire holders of the IAHC series are characterized by the following advantages

  • Fast assembly due to the simple push and click system
  • Parallel routing of several cables with few fixing points over long distances
  • Universally applicable across industries
  • Self-closing and reopenable for maintenance, saving time and effort
  • Colour: Black
  • Available in different versions


Holder for subsequent assembly

Omega clips (OC-series)

The subsequent attachment of additional cables to ready-made cable harnesses is a constant challenge for fitters. With the HellermannTyton Omega clips, cables and wires can be retrofitted easily and with little effort. The Omega clips are used wherever secure attachment of cable harnesses is required, especially in the automotive industry.

Cable clip for pipes provide perfect cable routing flexibility.

Advantages of the OC cable clips:

  • Noise insulation thanks to special rattle protection
  • Movement compensation thanks to 360° rotation 
  • Simple combination of two cable harnesses
  • Ideal for subsequent installation of additional cables on pre-assembled cable harnesses
  • Available in different versions

The special design of the Omega cable clip prevents cables from slipping out.


Additional cable tie dimensions are available for OmegaClips 1A and 2. There are two loop-in directions to choose from. Cable ties up to 5 mm wide can be used with the CBTO series.

  • Noise insulation thanks to special rattle protection
  • Large selection for different cable harnesses
  • Available in different sizes
  • Secure hold of the cable thanks to design
  • Simple clipping onto hose, pipe or cable
  • Movement compensation thanks to 360° rotation

Holder to simply fix existing cables, hoses and pipes in place

The HellermannTyton Modular Omega Clips (MOC) and Locked Omega Clips (LOC) can be used wherever hoses or conduits are already installed. The wire holders are simply clipped to them. Originally developed for the automotive industry, the MOC and LOC cable clips can be rotated – depending on the model – and thus accomodate movement.


Advantages of the MOC and LOC series: 

  • Movement compensation thanks to rotation
  • Several cables can be bundled together with a bundle diameter of up to 45 mm
  • Subsequent attachment to pre-assembled cables possible
  • Cable ties can be looped in in any direction
  • Available in different versions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I attach cables with different bundle orientations to each other?

Many HellermannTyton holders have rotatable connections. One example is the Omega clip. Two different cable harnesses can simply be clipped together and can be rotated in two different directions.

How can cable rattling be prevented?

The sprung lever design of our Omega Clips and the AHC/IAHC series ensures a firm hold on the cable and prevents it from rattling in the holder.

Are there cable holders for managing and routing cables without drilling?

Special cable organizer for weld studs or threaded studs can be pushed on by hand, without tools. If you drilling a mounting hole or screwing is not an option in your application, HellermannTyton also offers fastening clips for edges and self-adhesive cable tie mounts and clips.