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SRT Ties

HellermannTyton manufactures and develops groundbreaking products for the electronics industry and helps actively shape the market.

Our extensive portfolio of services is characterised by:

•  Innovative solutions

•  Process minimisation

•  Reduction of production costs



Cable ties without serration in flexible TPU - SOFTFIX

The soft flexible material makes SOFTFIX ties particularly suitable for use on sensitive wires or fibre optic cables.  The elastic flexible cable ties with rounded and smooth edges protect the cables.

Features and benefits

  • Releasable and reusable
  • Double slotted head with fixing pawl
  • Flexibility ensures steady and evenly distributed pressure
  • Tight fixation even in a vertical position, prevents sliding or loose bundles
  • Suitable for moving elements and vibrating applications such as windmills, machines, robotics, pulsating tubing and conduits
  • Ideal for temporary fixing
  • Long life time when used indoors
  • Remains flexible even at cold temperatures (-20oC)

TEXTIE quick and simple design

Hook and loop ties - TEXTIE Series

As cables use thinner and softer insulation in the electronics industry, and as fibre optic cables become more common, there is a need for a 'soft' method of bundling.  TEXTIE are ideal for use on telephone cables, optical fibre and network cables.  

Features and benefits

  • Quick and simple to use without tools
  • No waste
  • Resistant to ageing with no corrosion
  • Re-usable up to 400 times
  • Various colours for easy identification of multiple cable runs


Low heat shrinkable tubing 2:1

Low heat shrinkable tubing 2:1 ratio - TL27 halogen free

TL27 has a low shrink temperature which offers very fast recovery.  Application fields include covering of heat sensitive parts, mechanical protection and cosmetic covering.

Features and benefits

  • Very low shrink temperature
  • Fast shrinking
  • Halogen free
  • Flammability FMVSS 302

Heat shrinkable tubing 2:1 flexible and transparent

Heat shrinkable tubing 2:1 flexible and transparent - TF24

TF24 protects wire and cable markers subject to abuse, while permitting inspection of each item covered.  Protects electronic components while permitting their identification and inspection.

Features and benefits

  • Transparent, flexible polyolefin tubing
  • Protects identification marking perfect
  • Halogen free
  • Good mechanical and chemical resistance
  • VG approved and additional industry grades

Helawrap is a time saving solution for all applications

Helawrap cable cover - HWPP for home and office use

Helawrap HWPP can be supplied in 2 mtr handy lengths.  It is used to bundle and protect cable sand wires in the electrical/electronics industry.  It is a time saving solution for all applications.

Features and benefits

  • Ideal solution for bundling, protecting and fixing cables
  • Quick and effortless to install
  • Good abrasion protection
  • Can be removed and replaced
  • Handy applicator tool also supplied

Tiptags halogen free

Identification tags for cable bundle, thermal transfer - TIPTAG HF - Limited Fire Hazard - Halogen Free

These TIPTAGS are designed for use in identifying wire and cable bundles in electronics and general cabling environments.  The labels are applied to cables and harness assemblies with cable ties, and are also suitable for retrofit purposes.  Secured to bundle using cable ties up to T50R width maximum.

Features and benefits

  • Identification tags for use with large wire and cable bundles
  • Perforated format that includes fastening slots for cable ties
  • Excellent print performance
  • Available in white, yellow, blue and red


PCB labelling using Helatap 823

Printed circuit board labels (ESD) thermal transfer - Helatag 823 (white) PCB labelling

Used in nearly all areas, especially for cable and wire identification in computer and electronic businesses the specially formulated adhesive labels give the highest quality print clarify when printed on thermal transfer printers.

Designing and printing labels in a matter of moments when using Tagprint Pro labelling software.

Features and benefits

  • Labels for printed circuit boards
  • Voltage rejecting adhesive properties
  • Excellent print performance using TT822OUT ribbon
  • Print with TT4000+ TT430 for best results
  • Easy label design with Tagprint Pro