Cable identification in panel building:
speedy guidance that saves space

Cable identification: obligatory for profitable panel building

Control and clarity are especially important in the panel building industry. With the right markers as part of a clear cable management system, you can install in a highly compact manner, which in turn enables you to save the space you need within the control panel. Flexibility is a key factor in many electrical engineering projects – and we have developed manual identification systems for this very purpose. Take our RiteOn self-laminating labels for individual cable identification, for instance, which make your work easier and help you save time.

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Don't struggle over every cubic centimetre.
Save yourself space with our products.

An abundance of panel building products

Cable protection

1) HelaDuct HTWD-PN: Wiring ducts for cables with small diameters. Remove the fins safely and easily using the perforated breakage points. Particularly narrow ribs and slots
2) HelaDuct HTWD-PW: Wiring ducts for cables with larger diameters. 
3) Helawrap HWPP: The ideal solution for bundling and protecting cables and lines.
4) HelaDuct Flex: Flexible cable harnesses for clarity in line management, even at step inclines.

Labelling systems

5) Panel labels: Low-cost alternative to engraved plastic signs. No additional sign holder necessary and easy to print on site.
6) WIC: Fast and easy labelling. Also suitable for retrofitting.
7) Helatag 1209: Resistant labelling with excellent protection against humidity and mechanical abrasion thanks to protective laminate.
8) IT cable ties: For easily combined labelling and bundling.

Cable tie and fixing systems

9) Q series: Cable tie system with open tie head offers up to 25% faster connection with its ease of use. 
10) SolidTack: Mount with very high adhesive strength – even on low surface energy materials.
11) T50R0SFT6 cable ties: Teeth are placed on the outside, protecting the bundled product, christmas tree fastener enables variable attachment (sheet thickness). 

Insulating products

12) HIS-3: For effective insulation and colour-coding.

Cable identification for large and small control panels

Cable identification: create space for increased profits

The art of panel building is about packing as much as possible into a space that is as compact as possible. You can free up space by virtue of systematic cable routing and professional cable marking. Fast, hassle-free component assembly also saves time. We constantly examine these factors for the sake of your efficient control panel design. The HellermannTyton name has been synonymous with sophisticated and continuously optimised cable management solutions for decades. T-Series cable ties are just one of the cost-effective products we offer. Their specially angled tail section facilitates quick and easy insertion every time.

Making it safe and easy to cut cable ties in panels – the EVO7 cable tie gun from HellermannTyton


Save space in panels with CTAM: mount for cable tiesOr take the CTAM1 mount, which has been made with minimum height in mind to enable installation in even the smallest spaces. What’s more, its 4-way entry design offers a high degree of flexibility and rapid processing.

Following the premise of redefining time and space in panel building, we develop high-performance cable management solutions – for the success of your business.


Cable identification that lasts: Helagrip and Ovalgrip

To combat ageing and to enhance legibility, these cable markers are precisely printed with a laser printer. Thanks to the easy slide mechanism of the identification reels with Helagrip (chevron cut) and Ovalgrip (straight cut) and the secure locking together of the markers, they are quick and convenient to work with.

Cable identification in panel building with Helagrip

Marking and bundling in one: Q-ties and Q-tags

Q-Series – the perfect cable ties for panel buildingTime is precious. And you can save a good 25 per cent of it with our Q-Series cable ties. The open head design enables the fastest repetitive bundling time ever.

For easy cable identification, use the matching Q-tag system and discover just how cost-effective cable management can be.


A great-value alternative to plastic signs: panel labels

Panel labels for identificationBecause most of the money is earned in procurement, our panel labels are worth their weight in gold and are available in a wide range of sizes.

HellermannTyton panel labels represent a smart alternative to engraved plastic signs and are easy to print using the thermal transfer method and boast optimum grip on uneven surfaces.



Self-laminating for flexible use: RiteOn

You can’t beat manual labelling products when it comes to flexible identification. Our self-laminating RiteOn labels come in a handy dispenser, are well protected against moisture and – thanks to a stable protective laminate – are also abrasion-resistant.


Protection and order when space is at a premium: our wiring ducts

Special space-saving shapes: these unique wiring ducts are designed for height and give you more lateral space.
They come with blunted edges that protect the cable insulation and make them safer to work with during installation and maintenance.

Panel building: HelaDuct wiring duct from HellermannTyton

Wiring ducts.
Optimum protection for cables and fitters.

The HTWD-PN wiring ducts are used in switch cabinets and switching stations and are very well suited to cables with small cross sections.

An abundance of panel building products

1) The smooth, burr-free edges protect the fitter and the cables.
2) The cover is firmly in place, even under challenging conditions such as vertical installation and vibration. Flush cover on the side for optimum use of space. The wiring ducts must therefore also be mounted close to the cover.
3) Burr-free removal of ribs using perforated break points.
4) Wall segments can also be removed burr-free using perforated break points.

Little helpers that make the work easier: CL-120X60 wiring duct clips

Clips in wiring ducts – cables can no longer fall outAnyone who has ever used these clips to install complex cable harnesses knows just how much time they help save.

Never again will vertical cabling fall out of the wiring duct whilst you are still laying cables elsewhere!






Space-saving assembly in panel building

Less is more.
An old saying backed up by technology

Cable identification is a highly specialised area with one key goal: efficiency for the user. WIC cable markers from HellermannTyton have always been quick to install, but it’s not in our nature to rest on our laurels. Quite the opposite. After interviewing customers, analysing study results and crunching numbers, one of our product developers in France produced a prototype for a revised WIC cable marker on his 3D printer.

Identification and labelling in panels

In a nutshell, we made targeted savings on material to boost performance. At one key point, a reduced wall thickness enhances splay when pushing the marker onto the cable and boosts reset speed.
Click! And the new WIC0 cable marker is securely in place.*

Less really is more. HellermannTyton to a T.


Control panel building, electronics industry, wiring ducts – HellermannTyton offers all you need for efficient panel building

Discover us as a creative inspiration.
And then maybe as your trusted supplier

We have been developing efficient cable management solutions on behalf of industry clients for decades. As we continuously observe markets and never stop asking our customers about optimisation potential, a valuable culture of inquisitiveness has taken root at HellermannTyton. This is what drives our innovation day in, day out. As a result, we are proud to be a creative inspiration and the instigator of new ideas. We have already had instances where a customer has come up with a whole new idea just by looking through our prototype kit – before making the idea a permanent part of their entire cable management system.

Cable markers, cable marker labelling, cable labels for large control panels

HellermannTyton sample packs for switch cabinet engineering offer you a good overview of our product portfolio and provide you with the most important information. Find out for yourself:

SolidTack sample pack
SolidTack mounts are an innovative attachment solution, particularly for low surface energy materials such as PP and PE. They offer an alternative wherever screw fixtures are not possible in switch cabinets.

Sample packs, industrial labelling
From self-laminating labels for thermal transfer printing to shrink tube conductor markers.

Q Series sample pack
The ideal system for your switch cabinet – from the mount to the label ties and label tags.

Q Series coloured, sample pack
Coloured cable ties for better navigation around your switch cabinet.

Cable protection sample pack for switch cabinet engineering
From PVC ducts with narrower ribs and slots to flexible cable harnesses.

Cable management as an art form: Alley of Light.

Alley of Light constructed using products from HellermannTyton

Experience the Alley of Light.
Dutch designers from Serge Schoemaker Architects and Digiluce installed a 12-metre-long passage made of 2 000 custom-built lights at the Amsterdam Light Festival in 2015. 
HellermannTyton products were used throughout.

All for one and one for all! Fit for a king!

Using our range of HelaTape tapes, the Klebebande made a colourful contribution to the traditional show of “orange madness” (oranjegekte) with a stunning crown motif in reference to the Dutch royal family, the House of Orange-Nassau.

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