X Series Cable Ties

Date: 23/12/2015


New X-Series fastenings from global cable management specialist HellermannTyton are designed to provide peak performance while operating in extreme heat, sub-zero environments and inclement weather conditions, says the manufacturer.

"Using inside serrated locking technology and delivering high tensile strength, X-Series fastenings ensure consistent peak performance," said Manufacturing Product Manager Richard Rands.

"Fully complying with SAE aviation specifications, the ergonomically designed X-Series cable ties have an innovative streamlined design and smaller rounded head compared with standard ties, providing an improved fixing for tight applications and improved overall performance.

"They look, feel and perform better than other ties on the market and have been designed with a smaller and more streamlined profile to deliver a more lightweight solution without compromising on strength.

"Not only does the innovative design of the X-Series cable ties improve their physical performance, but they are manufactured in premium grade materials that have been developed to cope with even the harshest of environments and temperatures - something that other cable ties don’t offer," added Mr Rands.

In line with these highly innovative new products, HellermannTyton has also re-designed its cable tie application tool - the lightweight ‘EVO 7’ series - necessary to apply them, to not only maximise product benefits, but also further reduce risk of injury to the operator. New ‘TLC’ (tension/lock/cut) technology enables installers to increase productivity when applying a wide range of cable ties - in countless installations - while simultaneously reducing the risk of repetitive strain injury.

Mr Rands added: "The X-Series and ‘EVO 7’ are two of five new products being added to more than 50,000 fastening, connecting, routing, protecting and identifying solutions, reinforcing HellermannTyton as the market leader after 80 years of listening and responding to wide-ranging customers’ complex and ever-changing demands to save installation time".