Low Profile Transition Boots : 573H534-9

Low Profile Transition Boot 1 to 3 cables black, Article number: 422-60202


  • For cable harness breakouts or transitions
  • Strain relief, sealing and mechanical protection

Certifications & Approvals


Heat Shrinkable Moulded Shapes for use in Electical and Electronic Cable Harness Applications

Helashrink 573H Series, 1 to 3 cables is suitable for following markets and industries

Application Tool H6100
Colour Black (BK)
Pack Content 5pcs.
Package Quantity per bag
Product Family Helashrink 573H Series, 1 to 3 cables
Product Group Low Profile Transition Boots
Shrink Ratio 3:1
Variant For 3-core cables
Flexibility Flexible
HO/JO/KO ± 3.8 63.5mm
HO/JO/KO/LO ± 15% 63.5mm
P nom. 207.2mm
P ± 10 % 207.2mm
R/S/T nom. 103.6mm
W nom. 1.5mm
∅H max. b 20.0mm
∅H min. a 60.1mm
∅J max. b 20.0mm
∅J min. a 36.0mm
∅J/K/L max. b 20.0mm
∅J/K/L min. a 36.0mm
∅K max. b 20.0mm
∅K min. a 36.0mm
Dielectric Strength 20 kV/mm
ELV compliant (Article 4 - 2) YES
Flammability ASTM D635
Hazardous good No
Material Polyolefin, cross-linked (PO-X)
Material PO-X
Min. Shrink Temperature - °C +100 °C
Operating Temperature - °C -55 °C to +120 °C
EAN / GTIN 5022660467974
Packaging 1 - Height (m) 0.05m
Packaging 1 - Length (m) 0.1m
Packaging 1 - Qty 5
Packaging 1 - Type bag
Packaging 1 - Volume (m³) 0.0011
Packaging 1 - Weight (kg) 0.105kg
Packaging 1 - Width (m) 0.22m
Weight 0.105kg

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