Durable Stainless Steel Fixing Products

Durable Stainless Steel Products

HellermannTyton manufactures a range of stainless steel products that withstand extreme conditions and offer secure and reliable cable management. The metal portfolio includes ties, mounts, tools, markers, conduits and fittings. 

Especially considering the new regulation for fire resistant cable support these high performing fastening and fixing products are the perfect solution. They ensure that installations stay safe and secure even in extremely high temperatures.

Metal Cable Tie Solutions for Bundling & Fixing

Coated Stainless Steel Tie MBT_XHFC
Double Wrap Stainless Steel Tie MBT_UHD
Stainless Steel Tie MST-Series

The wide range of stainless steel cable ties from HellermannTyton offer fastening solutions for various applications. High quality stainless steel in SS304 and SS316 is offered as well as coated or uncoated cable fixings.

  • Metal Ball Locking Tie (MBT): Unique patented self-locking ball mechanism with low insertion, also available in a double wrap with an even higher tensile strength of up to 7000N. Approved with the rail certificate - London Underground (LUL) the MBT-Series ties are the optimal choice for secure metal fixing requirements.
  • Metal Fold Locking Tie (MLT): Reusable stainless steel tie
  • Metal Punch Lock Tie (MST): Extremely high resistance to vibration
  • Metal Banding for Heavy Duty Application (AMT): Metal heavy duty tie with folding mechanism

 Cable Tie Guns for Metal Ties

Processing Tool for Stainless Steel Ties MK9PSST

HellermannTyton offers manual as well as pneumatic tools to apply the wide range of stainless steel cable ties. Depending on the used cable tie an appropriate application tool can be chosen. The tools are designed for a perfect handling and ensure a quick and easy fastening of HellermannTytons metal ties even for heavy duty purposes.  Ranging from a basic manual tool for metal ties, specialised tensioning tools for MBT –Series and MLT-Series ties up to pneumatic tensioning tools.

NEW Stainless Steel Fire Clips for mini trunking SSFC2516

  • Suitable for 25 x 16mm mini trunking
  • Easy to apply without the need for a tool - simply fold the tabs to retain the cables
  • Completely invisible once mounted within the trunking
  • Manufactured from Stainless Steel 430 material
  • No. 8 (4mmØ) fixing hole for securing to the building fabric
  • Holds cables in position, even in the event of a fire
Aluminium P-Clip

Aluminium P-Clips

  • Easy to apply arount cables or pipes
  • Ideal for use in high temperatures
  • ALU-P-Clips available for bundle diameters from 6.4mm to 20.6mm
  • Suitable for applications needing strength of metal components

Stainless Steel SSPC mounts

  • Made out of stainless steel 316 and suitable for MBT-S and MBT-H ties
  • Offers a secure and durable solution for fixing cables, tubing, conduits and pipes
  • Perfect for a variety of applications and industries
  • These mounts are available with a 4, 5, or 6mm fixing hole

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