Cable labels for efficient processes in industrial identification

Cable labels and marking: from seamless traceability to maximum transparency

Cable label solutions tailored to your requirements

Find the right cable labelling solution for your application.

Whether cable and wire marking, solutions for industrial labelling in hazardous areas or security labelling with tamper evidence: HellermannTyton offers a comprehensive portfolio of cable labels and other marking solutions for a wide range of applications, from aerospace and rail industry to warehousing.

Our industrial identification solutions vary from simple pre-printed markers to inscribable adhesive labels and complete printing systems designed to process thousands of labels, heatshrink tubes or markers. 

Most of our products have been developed in close cooperation with customers.

As a result, our portfolio now includes solutions that meet a wide variety of requirements: including security aspects, the need for traceability or compliance with legal requirements.

Cable labels: stable, versatile and easy to use


Self-laminating wire labels for outstanding protection

Self-laminating wrap-around cable labels consist of a printable or writable surface and a laminating function. This guarantees excellent protection of the printed text against moisture, dirt, deposits and mechanical abrasion. Due to their flexibility, most of these cable IDs are also suitable for flat ribbon cables, some of them for high temperature and outdoor requirements

We offer self-laminating cable labels in all variations: printable, writable, for high temperature and many more.

HellermannTyton offers a wide range of labels that meet most requirements:

  • Labels for thermal transfer printing, laser printing or manual marking
  • Labels in different sizes and shapes
  • Labels made of various materials and with various specifications

Below you find some highlights from our cable label portfolio.

TagPrint Pro: The printing software for cable labels

Print wire labels, cable labels and heat shrink wire labels on your own – with the printing software TagPrint Pro.

The TagPrint Pro labelling software contains templates for all HellermannTyton thermal transfer printable products – from wire labels, markers to heatshrink tubing

Simply select the built-in graphic or download your own and add data from the ERP system or standard programmes such as Excel. 

Barcodes are created with a few clicks. The surface of all HellermannTyton labels has been specially prepared so that the printing performance with label printers is excellent at all times.

High quality labels for laser printing

Self-laminating cable label Helatag 1104.

Helatag 1104 wire labels are a popular choice for marking cables. These are laser-printable self-laminating labels.

Place the printed information area on the wire and wrap the transparent strip around the wire to cover the text, and give it excellent protection against abrasion, dust and dirt.

Wire labels for thermal transfer printing

Printable, flexible, self-laminating: Helatag 1209 wire labels.

Helatag 1209 wire labels are particularly flexible thanks to their rounded edge design.

This makes them ideal for flat ribbon cables, but also for other cables and wires. The labels can be easily printed with a thermal transfer printer.

  • Ideal for marking cables and conductors
  • Outstanding protection against moisture and mechanical abrasion thanks to lamination function
  • Additional bonding strength due to rounded edge design

NEW: self-laminating labels for hydraulic cables and pipes

The self-laminatig cable labels Helatag 1232 are ideal for harsh environments.

The self-laminating Helatag 1232 labels are ideal in harsh environments, e.g. for marking hydraulic pipes.

They feature an extremely resistant protective over-laminate and can be printed comfortably with the HellermannTyton thermal transfer printer series. 

The Helatag 1232 label series provides space for more information than just the serial number. The acrylate-based adhesive will not damage the hose.

The marking has good resistance to chemicals such as alcohol, petrol, solvents and hydraulic oil. Permanent cable identification is ensured by the flexible yet tear-resistant and impact-resistant polyester material.

Increase industrial security with tamper-evident labels

Enhance any industrial security requirements with these Helatag 1251 tamper-evident labels

Specifically designed for robust identification on trucks and trailers and in the automotive market, the Helatag 1251 tamper-evident labels provide a highly visible and durable marking and are an effective alternative to conventional aluminium plates.

Their transparent protective laminate ensures resistance to dirt and abrasion, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, while easy manual application ensures hassle-free use. And, thanks to their strong adhesive and durable construction, you can be confident that these labels will stay in place and effectively protect your valuable assets and sensitive information.

Label dispenser for manual labelling

A fast and practical solution for low volume maintenance and repair work is the RiteOn self-laminating label dispenser for handwritten marking. To see how easy it really is, watch this video:

Cable markers and cable tags

Cable marking for various requirements

Every environment requires specific labelling solutions. In addition to self-laminating cable labels there are numerous alternatives such as printable heat shrink tubing, printable cable markers or cable tags. The sleeves and markers can be printed on both sides, have good mechanical strength and are resistant to organic solvents and chemicals. Cable marking materials are available either in a continuous format or pre-cut in a practical “ladder style” system.

TCGT: coloured heat shrink wire labels for excellent print performance.

Popular applications for HellermannTyton cable tags and markers:

  • Subsequent assembly or maintenance and repair work
  • Applications with special requirements: e.g. high-temperature resistance, metal detectability or fluid resistance

Read on for some concrete product examples.

Printable heat shrink wire labels: European rail approved

Halogen free, low fire hazard and fluid resistant: the european rail approved TLFD DS heat shrink wire label.

The halogen-free, fire-resistant and liquid-resistant TLFD DS is mainly used in applications where fire protection plays a major role.

However, this heat shrink wire label is also ideal for applications where resistance to organic liquids, common fuels, lubricants and solvent properties is required. 

The material is tested to EN-45545-2 standards, pre-cut and supplied a practical "ladder system".

Flame retardant cable marking

Popular in the aerospace industry: the flame retardant heat shrink wire label THTT DS.

HellermannTyton also offers tubing like flame-resistant THTT DS – an industrial identification solution developed for tough environments.

The printed marker is ideal for applications where high temperatures and aggressive solutions occur, especially in the aerospace industry.

UV-stabilised cable tags

Flexible and yet robust: TIPTAG PU cable tags.

Ideal for use in harsh environments: TIPTAG PU cable tags made of flexible polyurethane material are the perfect choice when permanent legibility and UV-resistant marking is required.

Available in white and yellow, the main advantages of these flame retardant printable marker tags include good resistance to:

  • Weathering
  • Abrasion
  • Chemicals

Pre-printed cable markers

Fast and easy cable marking: with WIC pre-printed cable markers.

Pre-printed markers such Helagrip, Ovalgrip and WIC can be easily pushed onto cables and wires.

These solutions are ideal for the following industries:

  • Panel building
  • Public transport
  • Utilities
  • Telecommunications 
  • Electrical installations

The characters 0-9, A-Z as well as electrical standard symbols are available.

Watch this video and see how easy it is to install pre-printed HellermannTyton markers:

Identification cable ties, plates and carriers

Cable identification for pipes, cables and wires of any size.

HellermannTyton offers a wide range of ties, plates and carriers. For example, the cable marking plates of the IMP and IT series for use on large cable bundles.

The arrowtag plates are also suitable for use on larger pipes and cables.

Q-Tag identification tags, on the other hand, have a flag design that enables the user to quickly read or scan the printed information.

With the Helafix HC and HCR carriers, HellermannTyton also offers a solution that can be fastened with cable ties as well as screws or rivets – for temporary or permanent marking.

All ties, plates and carriers can be written on by hand using either a black or red T82 indelible marker pen.

Industrial labelling

Industrial identification solutions for modern working processes

Industrial labelling for rougher surfaces: Helatag 880 labels.

There are a variety of cable and wire marking solutions suitable for the permanent marking of components and pre-assembled units in the electrical industry as well as for plant machinery marking.

These industrial identification solutions can also be used for construction and commissioning as well as for repair and extension of switch cabinets and control systems

Have a look at some selected product highlights which are often used in the field of industrial labelling.

Industrial labelling to combat manipulation

Helatag 1203: industrial labelling for tamper-proof marking.

HellermannTyton offers a range of materials that enable customers to quickly identify whether assets have been tampered with

Two types of materials are common and are used to identify problems with tampering: One leaves a distinct pattern on the surface and the other disintegrates into fragments

Also available is a robust outdoor labelling system consisting of a clear, overlaminated and printable silver label that provides excellent performance on trucks and trailers

Self-adhesive panel labels

HellermannTyton also offers self-adhesive panel labels for industrial identification.

Panel labels like Helatag 1220 are long-lasting self-adhesive labels made from a thick material. This is intended to replace traditional engraved plastic plates. 

These industrial identification labels are suitable for the following applications:

  • Control panels
  • Switchgears
  • Data cabinets
  • General device marking

Quick handwritten labelling

Perfect for quick industrial labelling: the handwritten HELASIGN 270 labels.

The handwritten HELASIGN 270 labels made of yellow fabric are designed for the quick identification of components, switchgear and other on site equipment

Thanks to the synthetic rubber adhesive, the label can be easily removed or repositioned if necessary – without leaving any adhesive residue. 

The labels are also suitable for tricky surfaces and are available with or without a black frame.

Label and marker selection guide

Are you wondering which cable identification solution is right for your application? Our selection guide can help you.

Select the object to be identified (flat or curved surface) and its surface quality (smooth or rough). Depending on what you require from our identification systems, the flowchart will guide you to all suitable products.

Try out our label marker and selection guide now.

316L stainless steel cable markers: identification for harsh environments

MBML metal cable markers for identification in harsh environments

HellermannTyton MBML metal cable markers, made of 316L stainless steel, are versatile and find applications across various industries due to their durability, corrosion resistance, and ability to withstand harsh environments, ensuring efficient operations, safety, and proper maintenance. Here are some examples of applications for SS316L cable markers in different industries: 

  • Marine: used in shipbuilding for labelling cables and wires in challenging marine applications such as vessels and port equipment
  • Oil and gas industry: present on offshore drilling rigs and refineries, resistant to saltwater and weather
  • Outdoor installations: ideal for exposed environments
  • Renewable energy: suitable for wind turbines and solar panel installations
  • Heavy-duty applications: ensuring safety in railway systems and infrastructure such as signalling systems and trackside equipment 
  • Food, pharmaceutical, and chemical processing industries: our metal cable markers are durable, non-toxic and will withstand heat and cleaning chemicals, supporting hygiene and HACCP quality processes

Product features:

  • SS316L cable markers are available in four dimensions: 10x90 mm, 20x90 mm, 10x45 mm and 20x45 mm
  • It is possible to mark them up to 23 characters per line and up to three lines per marker, depending on the dimension
  • Customised printing is also available
  • Can be applied with MBT metal cable tie up to 4.6mm in width
  • Manufactured in the UK, offering excellent value for money and immediate availability

316L marine grade stainless steel: best performing steel grade

The RFID-iOS reader is used to read RFID transponders quickly and easily in any high frequency area.

316L is a low carbon variety of the widely used 316 stainless steel. “SS316L” stands for “low carbon”, which indicates that the composition of this stainless steel has a lower carbon concentration, meaning there is additional resistance to corrosion. Therefore, SS316L marine grade is typically used in harsher and more demanding environments than standard 316 stainless steel.

316L steel properties:

  • Superior corrosion resistance: Compared to standard 304 and 316 grades, SS316L offers  superior corrosion resistance, making it a preferred choice in highly corrosive environments where corrosion is a significant concern, such as marine, offshore, coastal, and chemical processing industries
  • Mechanical robustness: SS316L offers comparable strength and toughness to other stainless-steel grades: UV radiation, wind, fluctuating temperatures, precipitation, and ice; ensuring long-lasting durability and reliability
  • Versatile industrial use: High tensile strength and durability make 316L stainless steel perfect for various industries, reducing material costs and providing design flexibility
  • High temperatures resistance: Withstands from -80°C to +538°C, maintaining its strength and toughness and ensuring reliable performance in extreme conditions, without losing its mechanical properties
Material High temperatures UV resistance Salt corrosion Galvanic corrosion Chemical resistamce Flammability
SS316L excellent excellent excellent limited excellent none



Stainless steel embossing system M-BOSS

M-BOSS labelling: the perfect choice for environments where severe mechanical or chemical conditions occur

The M-BOSS Compact stainless steel embossing system has been designed for easy printing of our MBML series metal cable markers, providing clear and durable identification, crucial for hazardous areas. The key features of this metal marker engraving equipment are:

  • Durability: Embosses up to 60 characters, each tested to endure 1.5 million strikes
  • Fast operation: It offers quick and efficient marking, producing each symbol in less than a second
  • Ease of use: Compatible with the TagPrint Pro printing software, facilitating easy text creation
  • Efficiency: It allows long continuous long operation, thanks to an advanced cooling system.
  • Quiet operation: Ideal for both production and office environments
  • Customised printing service available: HellermannTyton also offers a convenient customised printing service to meet your needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I select the right cable label or cable marker?

First of all, what requirements do you have for a cable label or cable marker? Or in other words: What requirements must be fullfilled? Basic aspects here are, for example, whether the material is exposed to temperatures above or below 90 degrees Celsius, whether it should be tamper-proof or UV-resistant

The HellermannTyton label and marker selection guide will help you. See for yourself and find the right product for your application

How do I choose the right cable label size for heat shrink tubing or for markers and labels?

The first step is to determine which cable diameter you need for your application. Or when it comes to labelling or marking cables: what cable diameter am I dealing with? 

Once this is known, the HellermannTyton size selection guide will help you find the right product for your application. Try it now!

How can I use wire labels with protective laminate?

A special feature is that most HellermannTyton protective laminate labels have rounded corners. This results in higher final adhesion of the protective laminate and counteracts unwanted removal of the wire label, especially with small diameter cables and in heavy applications.

What else to consider and how to calculate the right size for your protective laminate? Check out our instructions for using labels with protective laminate!

How can I select the correct printer and ribbons for specific types and materials?

HellermannTyton offers various systems that can print different types of material/labels. If you would like to know which product is the right one for your cable label or cable marker, this table gives you a good overview. See for yourself!

Which bonding properties do cable labels have?

Which bonding properties do cable labels have?

Basically, a distinction is made between the following two states: the initial bond, which occurs immediately after the label and surface have been joined, and the final bond, which represents the permanent bonding state between the label and surface after the adhesive has been applied, pressed on and cured. Factors influencing optimum adhesion include the quality of the surface material and the properties of the adhesive

What else needs to be considered? Learn more in our brochure bonding properties of labels!

Why is the surface energy an important factor for the selection of the right adhesive?

If a surface to be marked is wet out with an adhesive, the surface energy is a decisive factor for the maximum achievable adhesive strength of the adhesive – in addition to the adhesive formulation and the surface quality (material, roughness, moisture, etc.). 

effect of surface energy on bonding properties

Flat drops:

  • High surface energy
  • Good wetting
  • Good bonding properties
Polyethylene surface

Rounded drops:

  • Low surface energy
  • Poor wetting
  • Weak bonding properties

What exactly is it all about? Learn more here: in our brochure effect of surface energy on bonding properties!