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Perfect solutions around cables

From detectable cable ties and easy-to-clean PVC tubing, to corrosion-resistant identification tags, HellermannTyton provides innovative product solutions for the food industry.


The extensive product portfolio reflects our long-standing industry expertise. HellermannTyton has provided outstanding product quality and has met the high requirements of various industries for over 75 years.

In food production with open production processes it is advisable to use materials that are easily detectable. HellermannTyton offers plastic and stainless steel products that are simple to detect. They make an important contribution to quality management for the food industry, particularly when following the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) approach.

Our detectable products support you in the realisation of your HACCP approach. You can find a selection of metal content products here.


Clear requirements for high demands

Requirements for high-quality food production processes are high. All the product solutions presented here therefore conform to REACH Directive (EC) no. 1907/2006 and are DEHP-free (Bis(2 ethyl(hexyl)phtalat), a plasticizer deemed to be toxic for reproduction.

MCT/MCTS Cable Ties – detectable through metal pigments or stainless steel fibres

When new machines are installed, or production lines modified, many cables and wires have to be bundled – from the outset. MCT Series cable ties consist of a special polyamide compound and are interfused with metal pigments. Even fragments can be detected if they find their way into the production process by accident. Contamination from plastic cut-offs can consequently be reduced significantly. The MCT Series was developed together with large manufacturers of foodstuffs.
In addition, the MCTS variant is particularly suitable for use with saline solutions or in salt environments. Corrosion-resistant stainless steel fibres are used in these products.

As an ideal supplement to our detectable cable ties, we also offer a variety of detectable mounts. These include our MCMB- & MCCTAM series. All our mounting bases with metal pigments or stainless steel fibers are detectable and meet the high standards of the food industry.

Important for your quality management in the food industry:

  • Conforms to the HACCP approach
  • Even fragments are detectable
  • Contamination from plastic cut-offs is virtually impossible
  • The MCTS variant is particularly suitable for use in saline environments with high humidity


Further information on MCT/MCTS Cable Ties can be found here.


Corrosion-resistant MBT cable ties and P mount bases made of stainless steel

Corrosion-resistant MBT Cable Ties and P Mount made of stainless steel

High temperatures and substantial mechanical loads are not uncommon in food production processes. MBT Cable Ties from HellermannTyton are the best choice for rock-solid fastening. The patented metal ball-locking head of the MBT Cable Tie consists of one or two metal balls and a forked band end that makes threading easy. P Mounts compliment the MBT perfectly.

The MBT Cable Ties are made of high-grade stainless steel and withstand acids and salt water as well as temperatures up to +538 °C, providing the safety and peace of mind necessary in food production.

Important for your quality management in the food industry:


  • Cable ties made of stainless steel
  • Withstand acids and salt water
  • Withstand temperatures up to +538 °C


Further information on MTB Cable Ties can be found here.


E/TFE Cable Ties – made from Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene for excellent chemical resistance up to +150 °C

Hygiene requirements and cleaning standards in the food processing industry are stringent. E/TFE Cable Ties are an excellent solution for quality management in the food industry on account of their resilience to chemicals such as corrosive cleaning fluids and disinfectants like hydrogen peroxide (H 2O 2).

They can be comfortably handled manually or - to ensure reliable application - with the help of tools.  

Important for your quality management in the food industry:

  • Excellent for areas with strict hygiene requirements
  • Resistant to corrosive cleaning fluids and disinfectants
  • Ethylene-tetrafluorethylene for excellent chemical resistance up to +150 °

Further information on E/TFE cable ties can be found here.


PSRSC Protective Conduits – spiral-reinforced and easy to clean

The PSRSC Protective Conduit conforms to European directive 10/2011 for plastics that come into contact with foodstuffs. Together with PSR Plastic Screw Connectors and PSRSC Metal Screw Connectors, they meet the requirements of the food industry to first-class standards. The smooth outer and inner walls of the PSRSC Conduit allow quick and easy cleaning and simple cable feeding.

Important for your quality management in the food industry:


  • Spiral-reinforced
  • Easy to clean



Further information on PSRSC Protective Conduits can be found here.


Labels with high resistance to water, alcohol, oils and solvents

HellermannTyton label products can be used to safely identify food production equipment. According to the ISEGA Institute, the adhesive for material types 1101, 1102, 1103, 1204, 1206, 1207, and 1210 can be used safely for label production. It is also proven to be suitable when the adhesive layer is in indirect contact with foodstuffs.

Important for your quality management in the food industry:
  • High resistance to water, alcohol, oils, and solvents

M-BOSS Marker Plates – excellent resistance to inorganic acids, hydrochloric acid, and halogens

Non-corrosive M-BOSS stainless steel markers are ideal where temperatures and/or chemical substances have a damaging effect on identification in food production facilities

Important for your quality management in the food industry:

  • Reliable identification by means of embossing in highly demanding areas
  • Excellent resistance to inorganic acids, hydrochloric acid, and halogens


Further information on M-BOSS Marker Plates and the M-BOSS System can be found here.



Metal-Content Cable Cover

Helawrap HWPPMC

Metal-Content Spiral Binding SBPEMC

Detectable products are an essential requirement in the food industry. In production or during cleaning, plastic products used for bundling, fastening and protecting cables and wires on food processing machines, leading to the machines or in the plant surroundings itself, can enter into the food or beverage mass. Such contamination must be swiftly detected and removed.

Due to its high metal-content (about 14 %), even small bits of SBPEMC spiral binding or HWPPMC Helawrap are detectable with standard detection equipment, as has been shown by testing conducted by HellermannTyton. Nonetheless, SBPEMC and HWPPMC retain their flexibility as well as ease-of-application and protect cables as effectively and safely as our standard spiral binding and Helawrap products. Moreover, like our metal-content cable-ties and fastenings, SBPEMC and HWPPMC are manufactured in the colour blue to enhance visibility.

SBPEMC and HWPPMC are targeted to the food- industry and its suppliers of food-processing machines. These include:

  • Bakeries
  • Confectionary
  • Beverages
  • Dairy
  • Meat and poultry

They can be used in such applications as:

  • Machine building, automation and robotics
  • MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operations)
  • Installation

SBPEMC and HWPPMC can also be used in the pharmaceutical sector, which also places emphasis on detectability.

Important for your quality management in the food industry:

  • High metal-content for reliable detection with standard detection equipment
  • Stainless steel, which preserves resistance to corrosion
  • Highly flexible
  • Very good abrasion protection

Branching off cable at any point thanks to special profile


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