HellermannTyton Introduces Cable Scout+

Date: 20/06/2015


HellermannTyton introduces Cable Scout+

New from HellermanTyton is the Cable Scout+ range, which combines its tried and trusted cable installation rod sets with a new extra-strong bag design. Included in the price of the Deluxe Set, the new improved bag features more pockets, allowing cable installers to carry more of what they need in just one piece of kit.

Designed to save time, HellermannTyton’s Cable Scout+ is a professional cable installation tool that can be used on even the trickiest installations. Whether fitting cable into cavities, through small access holes, underneath floors, over suspended ceilings or even through trunking, the Cable Scout+ rods can be used to pull, retrieve or route cables in record time. Made from glass reinforced plastic (GRP) they are capable of pulling a cable weight of up to 80kg and have the flexibility to bend around corners up to a maximum bend radius of 220mm, with the strength to maintain their rigidity over distance.

The added bonus with the HellermannTyton rods is the carrying bag as Steve Slater, Product Manager for Cable Installation Systems explains: "We have designed the bag so that it is capable of carrying a wide variety of tools and accessories an installer might need, as well as the rods themselves. It helps keep all of their kit together so that they can ensure that once they have started work, everything they need is to hand – no more running backwards and forwards to the van to pick up bits and pieces and no need to carry a full tool kit around. The cable rods themselves are a great time-saver when installing cables and the addition of the pocketed bag means that the installer can operate even more efficiently as they move from one part of the job to the next."

Available in Handy, Basic or Deluxe versions, the Cable Scout+ rod sets comprise a range of rods that vary in flexibility and bending radius and can be easily fitted together to increase the distance required during cable installation. The Deluxe set, as well as coming with an improved bag design also contains a 15cm flexi-lead, split ring, gender changer, tuff hook, mini-eye, domed and flat bullets, beam and magnet as standard. Additional time saving accessories such as spare rods, whisk, cable grips and accessory kit are available as separate items.

Steve Slater adds: "Many installers come up with their own DIY versions of cable installation rods – it’s not uncommon to see various things joined with gaffer tape being used – but far from being helpful, these can often slow the job down and they certainly don’t look professional. The Cable Scout+ sets are designed to make the job faster and easier, enabling installers to install or retrieve cables single-handed. Accessories such as the beam help them to work in dark places and the whisk accessory means that cables can slide easily over rough or uneven surfaces. The combination of a neat carrying bag containing everything that is needed and a set of cable installation rods that speeds up the job, not only makes life easier for the installer, it also creates a far more professional impression."

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