PEEK Flame Retardant Cable Ties


These ties have been designed for the use in hazardous environments.  Their suitability for high temperature applications makes them ideal for use in the drilling industry, railway, offshore or automotive industry.

The excellent chemical and radium ray resistance is predestined for applications in medical engineering, chemical industry and power stations.  With regards to the aerospace industry, PEEK Flame Resistant cable ties are suitable due to their good weight to tensile strength ratio.  Because of this combination of different properties, PEEK ties can replace metal solutions. 

The heat resistant material PEEK is considered to be one of the highest-performing thermoplastics on the market. HellermannTyton`s products manufactured from PEEK have been designed for use in hazardous environments and are suitable for applications where temperatures can reach +240 °C (continuous operating temperature).


As well as having excellent radiation resistance properties, PEEK products are highly resistant to chemicals and suitable for use in various applications and industrial sectors.


Due to its combined properties, PEEK can be used instead of metal components to offer unique weight advantages in your applications.

Features & Benefits:

  • For high temperature applications from -55oC up to +240oC
  • Outside serrated cable tie with smooth surface to the bundle
  • Close fit to the cable bundle due to the deepening head shape
  • Easy insertion combined with high tensile strength
  • Takes up less space due to the curved head
  • Combines the performance of a metal tie with the ease of use of a polyamide cable tie
  • Easy application either manually or with a processing tool

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