Discover fast and flexible bundling with the latest EVO KR tool

Easy to use, ergonomic and time-saving

The KR-Series cable ties feature a unique locking mechanism which ensures secure bundling even in tough environments.

The bundled goods are protected by a smooth inner side without serrations.

The EVO KR is designed to apply KR cable ties. The tool crimps the glass-fibre-reinforced locking pin of the KR seal and leads to plastic deformation of the tie ends.

This produces a very proof permanent connection. The closure mechanism enables high tensile strength up to 785 Newton.

The EVO KR features adjustable tension setting that can be calibrated to specific requirements.

Easy to use, ergonomic and time-saving.

KR-Series cable ties: high tensile strength and reliability under vibration

KR ties
  • Chamfered head of the KR-Series allows for a firm fit around the bundled element
  • Due to its special design KR cable ties can be used as a safety method to bundle any cable and to also secure bellows on steering racks, water hoses or vacuum lines
  • Strap is locked into place with a glass-fibre reinforced pin
  • Very secure and vibration resistant fixing
  • The endless strap version is fairly flexible and can be cut to any length required. Separate heads are available to fix the strap.
  • Quality- and process-reliable
  • EN45545-2 classification
  • Made in Germany
  • Different materials: PA66, PA66HS, PA66W, PA12
  • Different types:„1-piece“, „2-piece“, „endless“

The EVO KR application tool: Easy to use, ergonomic and time-saving

EVO KR tool

User-friendly operation

  • Can be easily used one-handed
  • Only two pulls of the lever are needed to tension, secure, lock and cut
  • Sideways insertion of the tie strap is quick and easy

Innovative design

  • Ergonomically shaped grip, lever and nose
  • Newly designed and extremely durable housing
  • TLC function minimises strain on the operator


Adjustable settings

  • Choose from a range of tension pre-sets on the tool
  • Can be calibrated to individual specifications
  • Safety lock guards against unintentional setting changes


  • Faster KR tie processing
  • Consistent tensioning
  • Less operator strain/fatigue

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