Reducing the risk to life and limb from hydraulic hose failure

Tarih: 27/04/2016

Hydraulic systems are present everywhere we look: excavators, earth movers, mobile cranes, dumper trucks, agricultural machines, refuse collectors, waste compressors - all of these rely on flexible high pressure hoses filled with hydraulic fluid to transmit their power.

Failure to these hoses can be costly not just to the installations and equipment but to the life and limb of the people operating hydraulic machinery or those who happen to be in their immediate vicinity.

Hosees can burst, rupture or a hot jet of mineral oil can leak from a tiny pin hole.  The consequences of either failure can be equally catastrophic. Adding protective sleeving to the hoses reduced this risk signigicantly.


HellermannTyton's burst protective sleeving is constructed from tightly woven polyamide fibers similar to those used in modern body armour. 


Our experience is that heavy duty equipment manufacturers are increasingly making their customers aware of the additional safety and quality benefits provided by additional protective sleeving such as the Helagaine HEGWS Burst Protection Sleeving from HellermannTyton.


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