HellermannTyton is your partner for close, intensive on-site cooperation

We meet growing global challenges by being close to our clients. HellermannTyton speaks your language when it comes to devising new solutions and optimising processes. We want you to be able to provide your customers with even better results.

Let's find inspirational solutions together

Our sales advisers do so much more than just take your order – in fact, they find out what you really need. An appropriate solution will only be selected from the portfolio, or developed on your behalf, once the product requirements have been discussed in detail.

We are at your service worldwide

Not only do we aim to drive forward innovation in our role as a manufacturer with 18 world-class production facilities, we provide you with personal service in 39 countries for your unique challenges, questions and ideas. Benefit from the enthusiastic support of motivated teams with considerable development expertise, industry-specific knowledge and reliability.

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