E-business solutions B2B by HellermannTyton: digital service for our customers

E-business solutions B2B

E-business solutions B2B E-business solutions B2B

Customers can reach us any time, any place and on any device

E-business applications

People are connected: always online, wherever they go. We all expect to be able to access information exactly where we need it. And new B2B standards are no exception. HellermannTyton meets these needs with its B2B e-business solutions.

Our international websites are always kept up-to-date and optimally delivered to any device, whether desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.

Our adaptive, reader-friendly website provides you with information about the company as well as details of all our products. It also facilitates your direct communication with HellermannTyton.

Newsletter: industry-specific information by email

Email Newsletter

You are always well informed with our professional newsletters, which we tailor to your needs and areas of interest. You can also customise your settings in order to select specialised industry information. Newsletters are a proven modern e-business solution.

HellermannTyton on Social Media

Social media

Our international website and more than 25 localised country-specific websites are maintained daily by our employees around the globe.

We can also be found on platforms such as LinkedIn and Google+. Our Facebook and Twitter pages offer fascinating behind-the-scenes insights about the company and report on current and inspiring topics. Besides the international profiles, most HellermannTyton national subsidiaries also maintain local Facebook and Twitter pages.

Our corporate blog explores specialist knowledge in greater detail and shares expertise with industry specialists and other interested parties. This wide spectrum of content is complemented by a range of educational and training videos on our YouTube channel.

E-business for electrical installers

The core purpose of B2B e-business solutions: up-to-date product data

People preparing up-to-date product data People preparing up-to-date product data

HellermannTyton operates globally. We have no redundant data. Our product data updates are based on tried-and-tested processes, meaning that all product data – currently translated into more than 20 languages – is published on local websites within very short timeframes.

Extensive product details, available immediately

Product details

Do you have a question about a particular product? Our website provides you with comprehensive product details, including information on materials, standards and certifications. There are also technical drawings and training videos – and even logistics data. You can find the appropriate catalogue page for every product and browse the interactive catalogues online. With just a few clicks you can identify distributors in your area. And if you still cannot find what you are looking for, contact us – we are extending our e-business solutions continually.

Online configurators

Configuration tools: heat-shrink calculator and wall thickness calculator

How to determine the right heatshrink ratio? This is easy to manage by using our heatshrink calculator. Other online e-business solutions include the interactive wall thickness calculator or links that guide you from each product to its accessories, for example the correct tensioning tools for cable ties. These nuggets of extra information save time and effort and guarantee reliable and safe application solutions.

Test the heat-shrink calculator here

Test the wall thickness calculator here


Stay up-to-date

Stay tuned

As a company operating in the electrical industry, you have to be kept informed of the latest developments. Take advantage of the information available via our B2B e-business solutions:

From newsletters with product updates, to the blog with background reports or Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter, we let you know when there is something you need to know.

E-business solutions for wholesalers and distributors

E-business solutions for wholesalers and distributors E-business solutions for wholesalers and distributors

HellermannTyton provides its customers with both general and tailored services.

Deeplinks: all product details just a click away

cable tie

Let HellermannTyton manage your detailed online product pages directly. You can access our product data using an intuitive link schema, with each link permanently accessible. All you need to know is our article number, the ‘UNS number’. UNS stands for ‘Unique Numbering System’ and enables unique identification of each individual product. Simply add this UNS number to the following link and you can direct users to our comprehensive and continuously updated detailed product pages, either manually or using preprogrammed settings.

Example: https://www.hellermanntyton.com/au/product/109-00001

How you benefit from deeplinks:

  • Considerable time savings
  • Data up-to-date and available
  • Definition of selected product areas
  • Provision of multilingual product data
  • Download of fact sheets and catalogue pages
  • Complete data management by HellermannTyton

Whitelabel: perfect product presentation, whenever and wherever

Incorporate HellermannTyton product areas on your website. This enables you to showcase the desired product portfolio on your own website in a way that is always up-to-date, complete and available – as well as in several languages and with a powerful search function featuring numerous filter options. 

Whitelabel Plus: your very own shop for HellermannTyton products

Shopping Basket

In addition to the 'Whitelabel' service 'Whitelabel Plus' also offers a shopping basket feature to enable the collection of products and the triggering of purchase enquiries on your site. As an integrated shop solution for product purchases, this is easy-to-embed for you, because we handle the configuration of all settings and data flows.

How you benefit from Whitelabel and Whitelabel Plus: 

  • Data always up-to-date and available
  • Overview of the entire product area
  • Provision of multilingual product data
  • Integrated product search engine and product filter
  • Complete data management by HellermannTyton
  • High degree of customer loyalty
  • Direct sales boost

EDI: completely paperless logistics

HellermannTyton offers all electronic order options for your procurement system. Our EDIFACT solution recognises practically all message types used in this format. We also provide all known e-business standards used for product data exchange. Get in touch with us. We can quickly cater to individual needs, such as customised EDIFACT message types.

How you benefit from EDI:

  • Minimisation of the error rate
  • Automation of manual processes
  • Cost savings on delivery charges and paper
  • Transfer times reduced from days to minutes

Simple data migration: speeding up your integration processes

HellermannTyton B2B e-business solutions provide you with data – whatever the volume, whatever the language and whatever the format.

You tell us what you need and we will provide you with the data and formats as a reproducible interface immediately. No matter whether standardised product data exchange or fully tailored product data formats.

HellermannTyton speeds up the integration processes at your end.

Give your sales a major boost!


HellermannTyton attaches huge importance to data quality. Our systems and processes have been designed to generate complete and error-free data and to enable its provision to third parties in many different ways.

Your customers also value optimally structured data. Any interaction with your digital customer touchpoints – e.g. in shops and electronic marketplaces, via product search engines, in electronic product catalogues and via attribute filters – will be a resounding success. Excellent product data is essential in terms of promoting a positive decision-making and purchasing process.

Harness the quality of our product data to give your sales a major boost.

Interactive catalogues: printed materials presented to perfection

Interactive catalogues

HellermannTyton makes the printed catalogues available online. Thanks to these interactive documents, users can browse the visually appealing printed versions on the web.

It doesn’t matter whether the products are arranged digitally by eClass, ETIM, BMEcat or in a form other than structured catalogue data: users can submit search requests of their choice in the electronic catalogue. The results of the integrated product data are presented in the style of a printed catalogue, such as those common in electrical wholesale.

The catalogue – a classic source of information – is not past its sell-by date yet. Browse and research products using our interactive publications. If needed, all detailed information is just a mouse click away.

Online tools

Our calculators – such as the wall thickness calculator and the heat-shrinkable tube calculator – play an important role in product selection. The tools are developed on an ongoing basis, and if you visit our website regularly, or subscribe to our newsletter, you will be kept up-to-date on new topics. 

Test our heat-shrink calculator now

Test our wall thickness calculator now


Seamless data exchange

E-business for industry

E-Business solutions for industry

Seamless data exchange

We supply data for subsequent processing: standard e-business formats such as BMEcat, products sorted by ETIM and eClass and many other data formats, including fully individualised formats. An extremely high level of automation helps us provide data.

Product data for technical integration

Product data for technical integration (CAD)

As an engineer, it is essential for you to know the correct technical dimensions of our products, to be able to access specification sheets at the click of a mouse and, if necessary, to obtain technical drawings, norms, approvals and CAD files of products. HellermannTyton provides you with all data free of charge, including the CAD format commonly used at your company.