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HellermannTyton is a global manufacturer who offers high performance fastening, connecting, routing, protecting, and identifying solutions to diverse markets. For our customers we develop market solutions that uniquely meet an industry's needs - solving an application requirement, saving installation and component costs, and improving the quality of the end product - no matter what your industry: 

pictogram Cable management solutions for the Aerospace Industry

Aerospace Industry
A broad portfolio of precision parts addressing the evolving requirements in aerospace proves our dedication to doing more with less. Come and take off with products MADE FOR LIGHTNESS.

pictogram Cable management automotive industry

Automotive Industry
HellermannTyton´s multi-skilled teams develop productivity-enhancing concepts for the automotive industry. A global network of experienced design engineers continually optimises a product range that fulfils the demanding requirements of this industry, such as e.g. • High temperature resistance • Heavy duty applicability • Splash guard

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pictogram Railway industry

Rail Industry
The rail industry: from cable marking to individual cable solutions: put your trust in a global partner. Inventive and certified solutions for your success.

pictogram Agriculture and construction vehicles

Agriculture and construction vehicles
Our state-of-the-art smart solutions and robust products guarantee performance and flexibility to adapt to changing market needs. Discover our high-performance solutions that are MADE TO BE TOUGH.

pictogram Markets & Industries: Offshore Industry

HellermannTyton is certified according to the Achilles Joint Qualification System, making it the ideal partner for development projects in offshore regions. We develop cable ties, heat shrink tubing and marker systems that fulfil the requirements of DNV type-approval. • Stability under extreme mechanical conditions • Resistance to corrosion and extreme weather conditions • Outstanding chemical resistance against hydrochlorid acid and halogen salts

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pictogram Defence Industry

Defence Image
Robust parts for wiring that is deployed under extreme conditions including vibration, UV, high and very low temperature, fire, chemicals and salt water. HellermannTyton products meet the needs of electrical engineers and technicians in the defence industry.

Cable management solutions for defence applications

pictogram Food Industry

MCT series
HellermannTyton provides innovative product solutions for the food industry. From detectable cable ties and easy-to-clean PVC tubing, to corrosion-resistant identification tags: • Excellent for areas with strict hygiene requirements • Conforms to the HACCP approach - fragments also detectable • Extreme temperature resistance

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pictogram Cable identification in panel building

Cable identification for panels
More scope for efficiency in panel building. With cable identification solutions from HellermannTyton. We have the right products to help make your projects more efficient.

pictogram Shipbuilding: cable management

Cable management solutions for shipbuilding
How can you increase safety and efficiency when it comes to cabling? Find out here how you can benefit from the durability of halogen-free cable management solutions from HellermannTyton. Certified by DNV, GL, ABS and BV.

Cable Management for Shipbuilding

pictogram Solar plants: cable management & UV resistance

solar plants - cable management solutions from HellermannTyton
How do you reduce the maintenance costs of your solar plant? Discover here how you can save time and money thanks to UV-resistant, corrosion-free cable management solutions.

cable management for solar plants

pictogram Cable Management solutions for White Goods

White Goods
Whether it’s a single massive order or a massively important single solution, our team of experts around the world can meet your needs, no matter the size. Learn more about our products – MADE FOR LARGE AND SMALL.

pictogram Wind turbines: Cable Management and Cable routing

Cable management solutions for wind turbines
How can you reduce the cost of energy? Find out here how you can reduce maintenance and servicing costs for your wind turbines thanks to innovative cable management solutions.

Cable management for wind turbines

pictogram Cable management for chemical industries

Cable management for chemical industries
HellermannTyton provides innovative product solutions for the chemical industry: • Excellent chemical and temperature resistance • Extremely secure fastening • Easy installation, even under difficult conditions

Further information about Chemical Industry

pictogram Markets & Industries: Electrical Installation

HellermannTyton offers a comprehensive range of products for bundling, fixing, identifying and protecting cables. As well as delivering a high standard of quality, we are committed to ensuring all products are available promptly at all times. A tight network of wholesale partners guarantees optimum service anytime, anywhere. • Availability • Practical packaging • Customer service

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pictogram Markets & Industries: Electronics Industry

pictogram Telecommunication

HellermannTyton offers end-to-end networking installation solutions next to manufacturing a complete range of products that identify, route and bundle products in telecommunications. In close cooperation with our customers we develop innovative data transfer systems of tomorrow which provide following properties • Capacity • Economic efficiency • Trendsetting data transfer systems

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