Hellermark Kit Others-SS316-ML : Hellermark Kit Others

Cikkszám: 540-01770


Hellermark kits are available in two sizes.

SS Kit contains: 1 strip of 20 embossed markers for A-Z, 0-9; 1 x 46mm, 2 x 56mm, 3 x 82mm, 2 x 106mm, 1 x 286mm carriers; 10 cable ties and a pair of pliers.

SS Kit Large contains: 1 strip of 20 embossed markers for A-Z, 0-9, Earth, Blank; 10 carriers each of 46mm, 56mm, 82mm, 106mm; 100 carrier end plugs; and 20 cable ties.



Hellermark is used in the rail, marine, offshore, petrochemical, food and construction industries, for the identification of cables, pipes and other equipment in harsh enviroments.

Colour Metal (ML)
Marking Text (kit)
Pack Cont. 520pcs.
Package Quantity per Bag
PART DESCRIPTION Hellermark Kit Others-SS316-ML
Print Method Embossing
Flammability Limited Fire Hazard, Non burning
Material Stainless Steel (SS316)
Operating Temperature - °C -80 °C to +538 °C
ETIM 6.0 EC001530
ETIM 7.0 Key EC001530

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