Pneumatic tensioning tool metal housing : MK3PNSP2

Pneumatic Tensioning Tool up to 4.8 mm strap width, Številka proizvoda: 110-03400


  • Unique levels of repeatability and accuracy
  • High application speed and low maintenance
  • Cable ties cut off flush at head to ensure safety in the workplace
  • Suitable for strap width ≤ 4.8mm and strap of 1.5mm (all in T18 to T50 series)
  • Saves application time
  • Particularly suitable for sensitive applications and repetitive work
  • Ergonomically designed cutting process to prevent repetitive strain injury
  • Tensioning force has 125 adjustable settings from 45 to 210N
  • High precision for applications where quality is critical

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Powered by compressed air at a pressure of up to 6 bars, the MK3PNSP2 is most beneficial in mass production environments, whether on the assembly line or in cable fabrication.

MK3PNSP2 up to 4.8 mm strap width so primerne za uporabo v naslednjih industrijskih panogah

Air att. Position Lower air connection
Air Pressure (min.) 5.5Bar
Colour Metal (ML)
Description MK3PNSP2
for Air Pressure min - max 5.5 - 6 Bar
Operation pneumatic
Pack Cont. 1pc.
Package Quantity per pcs.
Product Family MK3PNSP2 up to 4.8 mm strap width
Product Group Pneumatic tensioning tool metal housing
Short Description Pneumatic Tensioning Tool up to 4.8 mm strap width
Strap Thickness max. 1.5
Tension Setting Tools Adjustable
Tool property Automatic cut off
Tool suitable cable tie material Plastic
Type MK3SPM.9A
Air Pressure (max.) 6Bar
Air Supply Non oiled / oiled
Hose Internal Diameter 4.0mm
L x H x W approx. 225 x 140 x 40mm
Strap Width max. 4.8mm
Tension Force approx. 50 up to 160 N, adjustable
ELV compliant Dir. Art. 4 (2) YES
Hazardous good No
Material Aluminium (AL)
Specifications 2006/42/EG, EN ISO 11148-2:2011, GS
EAN / GTIN 4031026102375
Packaging 2 - Height (m) 0.053m
Packaging 2 - Length (m) 0.26m
Packaging 2 - Qty 1
Packaging 2 - Type Carton
Packaging 2 - Volume (m³) 0.003
Packaging 2 - Weight (kg) 0.783kg
Packaging 2 - Width (m) 0.215m
Packaging 3 - Height (m) 0.27m
Packaging 3 - Length (m) 0.6m
Packaging 3 - Qty 12
Packaging 3 - Type Carton
Packaging 3 - Volume (m³) 0.0648
Packaging 3 - Weight (kg) 12.696kg
Packaging 3 - Width (m) 0.4m
Weight 0.56kg
ETIM 6.0 EC000453
ETIM 7.0 Key EC000453

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