4-Way Outlet Shapes, VG style : 403-1-GWM250

Helashrink 400 Series, Številka proizvoda: 404-03020

442-1 supplied / fully recovered.


  • 4-way outlet shape
  • Cable sealing, strain relief and mechanical protection

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Heat Shrinkable moulded shapes for use in Electrical and Electronic Cable Harness Applications.

Application Tool H6100, E4500
Colour Black (BK)
Pack Cont. 1pc.
Package Quantity per Bag
Product Family Helashrink 400 Series
Product Group 4-Way Outlet Shapes, VG style
Shrink Ratio up to 3:1
Type 403-1-GW24
Variant For 4-core cables
Flexibility Semi rigid
HW ± 30% 1.5mm
JW ± 30% 1.5mm
P ± 10% 102mm
P ± 15%=overall length 102mm
R nom 49mm
R ± 10% 52mm
S nom 45mm
S ± 10% 45mm
T ± 10% 49mm
∅H max b 13mm
∅H min a 27mm
∅J max b 7mm
∅J min. a 13mm
∅J/K/L/N max. b 7mm
∅J/K/L/N min. a 13mm
∅K max. b 7mm
∅K min. a 13mm
Adhesive WM250
Dielectric Strength 15 kV/mm
Dielectric Strength test method ASTM D2671
Flammability ASTM D635
Material Polyolefin, cross-linked (PO-X)
Minimum Shrink Temperature - °C +135 °C
Nato number 5970-01-340-7706
Operating Temperature - °C -75 °C to +150 °C
ETIM 6.0 EC002464
ETIM 7.0 Key EC002464

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