2-Piece Fixing Ties for Weld Studs, moveable T30RSB5

With SB5 clip, Číslo dílu: 150-10140

Cable ties illustrating the variety of application methods for weld stud fixing.


  • Pre-assembled 2-piece fixing tie with stud retainer
  • Cable tie head can be moved after bundling
  • Easy to install without the need for a tool
  • SB5-types for 5 mm studs or 5 mm ISO threaded studs
  • Types with disc can retain insulation materials while fixing a cable bundle
  • Oval shape can be adjusted in a lateral position

Certifikáty a normy


Primarily designed for use in the automotive industry, these parts can be used in a wide variety of applications where 5mm weld studs or 5mm ISO bolts are used and cables need to be bundled and secured

With SB5 clip je vhodný pro následující odvětví průmyslu

  • Rail Transportation Sector Rail Transportation Sector
  • Automotive Industry Automotive Industry
  • Electronics Industry Electronics Industry
  • Defence Industry Defence Industry
Application Tool MK3PNSP2, MK3SP, MK7P, MK20, EVO7, EVO7SP
Colour Black (BK)
Description Short (BMEcat) (max. 150 characters) 2-Piece Fixing Tie for Weld Studs moveable 150x3.5 black
Fixation Method Weld Stud Fixing
Identification Plate Position none
Pack Cont. 300pcs.
Package Quantity per Bag
Product Family With SB5 clip
Product Group 2-Piece Fixing Ties for Weld Studs, moveable
Releasable Closure (Yes/No) No
Tie Closure plastic pawl
Type T30RSB5-MC2-BK-R1
Variant Inside Serrated
Bundle ∅ max. 32.0mm
Bundle ∅ min. 1.5mm
Height (H) 1.2mm
Height (H2) 10mm
Length (L) 150mm
Length (L2) 20mm
Min Stud Length 14.2mm
Min.Tensile Strength 135N
Stud ∅ 5.0 mm
Thickness (T) 1.1mm
Width (W) 3.5mm
Width (W2) 21.8mm
Cable Tie Polyamide 6.6, heat stabilised (PA66HS)
ELV compliant Dir. Art. 4 (2) YES
Flammability UL 94 HB
Foot Part Polyacetal (POM)
Hazardous good No
Material Polyamide 6.6, heat stabilised (PA66HS), Polyacetal (POM)
Operating Temperature - °C -40 °C to +105 °C, (+105 °C for 500 h)
Operating Temperature Foot Part (Metric) -40 °C to +90 °C, (+110 °C, 500 h)
EAN / GTIN 4031026119205
Packaging 1 - Height (m) 0.15m
Packaging 1 - Length (m) 0.3m
Packaging 1 - Qty 300
Packaging 1 - Type Bag
Packaging 1 - Volume (m³) 0.01845
Packaging 1 - Weight (kg) 0.7448kg
Packaging 1 - Width (m) 0.41m
Packaging 3 - Height (m) 0.368m
Packaging 3 - Length (m) 0.584m
Packaging 3 - Qty 3000
Packaging 3 - Type Carton
Packaging 3 - Volume (m³) 0.083
Packaging 3 - Weight (kg) 8.268kg
Packaging 3 - Width (m) 0.386m
Packaging 4 - Height (m) 1.249m
Packaging 4 - Length (m) 1.2m
Packaging 4 - Qty 36000
Packaging 4 - Type pallet
Packaging 4 - Volume (m³) 1.199
Packaging 4 - Weight (kg) 120.24kg
Packaging 4 - Width (m) 0.8m
Weight 0.72kg
ETIM 6.0 EC000046
ETIM 7.0 Key EC000046

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