Meet the ATS flex!

Discover fast and waste-free bundling with the latest Autotool model

Unbeatable performance – fully waste-free

ATS flex is an automated and process-reliable cable-tying system, that bundles waste free. This unique tool processes cable ties much quicker than application by hand.

ATS flex benefits at a glance:

  • Fast & reliable automatic bundling process due to automatic jaw calibration and integrated jaw closure detection
  • Ties up to a diameter of 100 mm
  • Waste-free bundling
  • Communication via interface
  • Automated process control or control of the manufacturing process
  • Combination of two colors possible for sealing head & tie

ATS flex = automatic waste-free bundling

Automatic waste free bundling with the ATS flex

Fast & reliable automatic bundling process

The correct jaws size and speed are set out automatically during commissioning - better process quality thanks to the optimised bundling process – patended!

Looping, threading, tensioning and cutting off at the touch of a button with consistent quality

Integrated jaw closure detection: Closure of cable ties checked by pliers locking by means of a sensor.

Ties up to a diameter of 100 mm possible: three quick-change jaw sizes in diameters 30 mm, 50 mm, 80 mm included, additional jaw size available in 100 mm – Ideally suited for large-scale production.

Waste-free bundling:  Disposal time and costs are eliminated, e.g. 326.250 bindings avoid 219 kg waste, 3.915.000 bindings avoid 2.630 kg waste.

Communication via interface: Better integration into an automated PLC-controlled production line (due to 24 V).

Automated process control or control of the manufacturing process: Storage of up to 100,000 data sets (e.g. moisture,

temperature, jaw size, motor load, sensor status of jaw locking check device) - can be read out by HellermannTyton.

Combination of two colors of closure head & strap possible (security seal, product piracy), tie to date black, natural,

on request in red, green, yellow, blue; binder head to date in black, natural, red, green, other colors on request.


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