Shipbuilding: robust cable management solutions
for high levels of efficiency

Safety on board and reduced costs thanks to
durable, certified materials for shipbuilding

The sea is notorious for its tough conditions. In the inside of a ship, everything has to be extra safe, with fire protection a key factor when it comes to certifying the materials used. This is where our cable management solutions for shipbuilding and marine environments come in. Specially developed for the shipbuilding industry, they are halogen-free and carry the certifications necessary to fulfil all requirements. Furthermore, with heat-resistant products like our cable ties made from PA 46, we deliver just the right response to questions of functionality under extreme conditions like they exist in the shipbuilding sector.

The durability of this material has not only been proven for many years in other industries, such as wind power and offshore rigs, but is being continuously demonstrated in long-term tests under real conditions. Our cable management portfolio includes a viable solution for any combination of extreme conditions, including strong mechanical stress in the shipbuilding sector.

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HellermannTyton is a supplier of certified products for maritime cable management.
HellermannTyton is a supplier of certified products for maritime cable management.

We know what’s required.
And 20 years of shipbuilding experience certainly come in handy

We have been serving the shipbuilding industry for more than two decades. A lot has changed in the IMO field in that time; marine technologies have become more complex and material certifications have become more stringent. For us, experience does not mean resting on our laurels, but is always a starting point for developing brand-new solutions to meet your needs.

Our durable products help you meet the twin goals of increased safety and greater efficiency in shipbuilding.


Robust cable routing, including for container ships
Robust cable routing for shipbuilding.

Product quality that offers dual benefits for shipbuilding:
safety and efficiency

Meeting the rigorous certification requirements for materials used in shipbuilding is our top priority, along with the durability of our products. This gives rise to sophisticated cable management solutions that enable you to enjoy two key benefits: added safety and efficiency gains from reduced maintenance expense.


HellermannTyton products are suitable for a variety of applications
HellermannTyton products are suitable for a variety of applications in shipbuilding.

A reliable way to safeguard cables in ships: the HA40 and MA40 heat shrinkable tubes

MA40 heat shrinkable tubing for shipbuildersDeveloped for extreme conditions in the shipbuilding industry, our HA40 and MA40 heat shrinkable tubes are flame-retardant and resistant to solvents, acids and alkalis, are self-extinguishing and fulfil all key shipbuilding requirements, including the demanding DNV GL (Det Norske Veritas Germanischer Lloyd) certification. Moisture and corrosion don’t stand a chance.

Thanks to the durability of the material, you will be able to reduce the amount spent on maintaining your cable bundles – and safety levels will increase, too.

MA40 heat shrinkable tubing for shipbuilders.

Cable routing without the need for a screw fixing: the PMB5 paste mount for shipbuilding

The PMB5 paste mount – ideal for marine cable routing needsThis in-house development keeps on performing in places where other cable mounts have long given up, for example, where it’s not possible to drill holes.

By virtue of the ingenious shape of the mount the PMB5 can even be affixed to uneven surfaces. This unique design, coupled with simple mounting with a paste adhesive, makes it indispensable for the shipbuilding industry.


The PMB5 paste mount – ideal for marine cable routing needs.



Cable management in shipyards

Shipbuilding: Cable management in shipyards.

Unshakeable, easy to mount and tough as they come: heavy-duty mounts

Heavy-duty mounts for ship’s cablesHellermannTyton heavy-duty mounts for shipbuilding are suitable for a vast array of applications and are ideal for extreme conditions in which your cabling is exposed to severe vibration and displacement forces.

The bushing on the steel heavy-duty mounts enables a high level of tightening torque.


Heavy-duty mounts for ship’s cables.

Quick and reliable bundling, even when space is tight: the LPH175

This cable tie LPH175 has not only been awarded key shipbuilding certification from DNV GL and Bureau Veritas, but also boasts a unique head geometry, with the flat design enabling rapid installation, even when space is at a premium. Its smooth interior and broad contact area offer outstanding protection for your cables. What’s more, the protruding end can be cut flush with the MK10-SB tool, without giving rise to any sharp edges.

cable tie for shipbuilding

Cable tie LPH (Robusto) for extrem conditions in shipbuilding.

Your engine, our inspiration.
Especially when it’s fuelled by LNG

In the shipbuilding industry, liquefied natural gas as an alternative to HFO is no longer pie in the sky. The key issue here is emissions reduction – and globally innovative technologies are required. The first LNG propulsion systems have been built and a number of vessels have successfully left the docks for their maiden voyage. This has given rise to whole new safety requirements, as complex cable routing systems and sensitive cooling technologies both need to be protected.

HellermannTyton already has the ideal cable management solutions: halogen-free for improved fire protection, highly stable against extreme conditions at sea and, of course, certified in accordance with the latest standards in the shipbuilding industry.



Cable protection and routing for container vessels and freighters
HellermannTyton for shipbuilding: Cable protection and routing for container vessels and freighters.

If you want to sail efficiently, it makes sense to bring us on board

Our products and solutions for shipbuilding are designed to withstand extreme mechanical stress and strain. Moisture, high salt concentrations and non-stop motion all take their toll on cables and wiring. HellermannTyton solutions are designed so that you can significantly reduce costs through speedy installation and the use of durable materials.


That’s HellermannTyton in shipbuilding

Our company ethos is simple: cable ties hold the world together. And we can look back on a unique tradition in this area. But we don’t go in for nostalgia. Instead, we work on innovations every single day. Bearing in mind that we hold the world inside your ship together, we prefer to look forward.


HellermannTyton products are in use at many shipyards
HellermannTyton products are in use at many shipyards.

MBT series cable ties.
On the ball

Patented: the MBT cable tie in stainless steelOften, the solution is simple. All you have to do is think of it. Take stainless steel MBT cable ties with their patented ball lock, mechanism for example, which have always been a unique answer to extreme conditions in the shipbuilding industry.

Following insertion and tightening, backward motion is kept to a minimum thanks to the resistance of the cable harness. The small ball wedges itself within the tapered head to hold the cable tie firmly in position. So far, so good.

Patented for shipbuilding: the MBT cable tie in stainless steel.

One of our engineers was still not satisfied, however, and felt that there was room for improvement in terms of handling. The insertion process could still be accelerated. As a result, he cut a V-shaped section into the edge of the cable tie.

We call this the ‘swallow’s tail’. The small ball is now moved to exactly the right position as soon as the cable tie is inserted, meaning that the insertion process is quick and completely secure. The extended bar at the bottom of the head has strengthened the lock so much that the holding force has risen by 52 per cent.

HellermannTyton products are in use at many shipyards
HellermannTyton products are in use at many shipyards.

Typically HellermannTyton. Our engineer can now relax – and so can you. After all, our MBT series cable ties not only vaunt holding forces of up to 7,000 newtons, but are resistant to both chemical influences and heat.

Tensioning tools for stainless steel cable tiesWhat’s more, the cable ties can be mounted in a jiffy with the HDT16 and the MK9SST manual tensioning tools.

Perfect for shipbuilding: Tensioning tools for stainless steel cable ties.

The EVO KR: Fast, adjustable and consistent application of vibration-resistant KR-Series ties

With its ergonomic design, the EVO KR cable tie gun allows for effortless application of vibration-resistant KR cable ties, thereby reducing operator fatigue. The tool – which is made in Germany – incorporates all the processing advantages of our proven range of EVO cable tie tools and comes with plenty of other features:

  • One-handed operation: tension, secure, lock and cut the ties with only two steps and using only one hand
  • Sideways insertion: makes it easier and faster to insert the ties – it is based on the trusted EVO tool design
  • Tension adjustment: the cable tie can be tightened according to specific tension requirements
  • Calibration: specified tension forces can be preset in the tool – the tension will always be consistent and cables cannot be damaged
  • EVO-Series-Design: The durable yet lightweight housing ensures even more reliability – it withstands chemicals and drop tests in the toughest environments





The ProCut: Effortless cable tying with the battery-powered hand tool

Unlike a manual tension-cut hand tool that can require multiple pulls of a lever for a single tie,
ProCut is equipped with a one-touch electronic trigger and a rear-mounted second trigger for spaces hard to reach.
On the shop floor or on the go: The compact ProCut goes where the job is.
     A full battery processes 2,000 cable ties – for plenty of uninterrupted productivity.
     Capable of processing ties ranging from T50s to T250s.
Serious time-saver: Insert a cable tie, lightly tap the trigger and the tool precisely tensions and cuts with zero kickback.
     ProCut saves time and reduces worker strain with every trigger pull.
     Paired with a 2.0 Ah CAS battery – the one compatible with a wide range of industrial tools, like our AT CPK hybrid.


The world is changing all the time.
And so is shipbuilding

As we have already been serving the civilian and military shipbuilding industry for more than two decades, it goes without saying that we monitor what’s happening in the sector – from luxury super-yachts, cruise liners, multi-purpose ships and tankers to naval vessels such as aircraft carriers and submarines. What are the trends and innovations? How do ports and shipyards respond to the pressure of international competition? What are the driving forces of tomorrow? Read our research and ideas on the issue here.


Cruise liner

Safe cable management solutions also for cruise liners.

Things can get hot below deck.
We have the right solutions to even help the number-crunchers stay cool

Cable management solutions in shipbuilding should do one thing above all else: meet the very latest requirements. The issues of climate change and emissions reduction are here to stay, along with the latest standards also relevant to shipping. If a ship is to be allowed to dock at major international ports in future, its emissions figures will have to be below a set threshold. With new propulsion systems, this is achieved by means of an increase in the combustion temperature. Therefore, all cables and cable routing systems (such as mounts, cable ties and tubing) in close proximity to the relevant machinery will have to withstand temperatures of around 150 °C.

Here, HellermannTyton not only has the right products in the form of PA 46 cable ties, but also the very latest certifications relevant for the shipbuilding industry, which brings us neatly back to our central issue: safety and durability – the twin benefits that are our hallmark.

Find out more in our blog.


Shipbuilders across the world trust HellermannTyton
Shipbuilders across the world trust HellermannTyton.

Be on the safe side.
With the right certification for shipbuilding

Our corporate culture is shaped by our engineers: everything is carefully planned, development never stops and we leave nothing to chance. It therefore goes without saying that we ensure that our efforts always go hand in hand with the latest international shipbuilding certifications, whether issued by
- DNV GL (Det Norske Veritas Germanischer Lloyd),
- ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) or
- BV (Bureau Veritas).


You will find our products certified according to IEC 62275 here.


Shipbuilding in tough conditions
Shipbuilding in tough conditions.

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