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Product development at HellermannTyton Product development at HellermannTyton

Due to our considerable development expertise, we are always able to design products that are perfectly tailored to your needs – whenever, wherever. We do everything under one roof, from planning to manufacturing.

Got your own set of challenges? Let's tackle them together with solutions that fit just right, made especially for you.

Customer-specific product development.

HellermannTyton: Customer-specific product development.

The Fixing Clip AC Pipe, for example, solves a problem connected with insulated aluminium refrigerant lines in automotive construction. Rigid connections had caused damage to the pipes due to the vibrations in the engine compartment. Now, the Fixing Clip AC Pipes, which are made of both hard and soft components, ensure that the movement tolerances specified by customers are always adhered to.

By professionals, for professionals.

self-adhesive mount FlexTack from HellermannTyton

HellermannTyton does not see the world rigidly through the prism of cable management. We build complex machines ourselves, sometimes encountering problems that are yet to be solved. In the case of the M-BOSS Compact stainless steel marking system, an attachment solution was required for a cylinder. This is now available as a new addition to our range under the product name FlexTack, a self-adhesive mount available for both convex and concave forms.

Ready for your challenges

HelermannTyton employee HelermannTyton employee

Thanks to more than 5,400 employees around the world, we are able to provide you with on-site support and development expertise. Our developers will be at your disposal for the entire term of larger-scale projects. We can’t wait to support you.

HellermannTyton develops its own products on an ongoing basis.

We add new ideas every day

Inspired by improvement Inspired by improvement

HellermannTyton INSIDE

HellermannTyton INSIDE

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Our HellermannTyton INSIDE programme gives new insights into how our teams work. See for yourself how we generate new ideas and develop innovative products.

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