Braided sleeving for industrial applications

Braided cable sleeves for standard and for special requirements

Cable braids: organization and protection combined in one product

Organization and protection in one, with braided sleeving from HellermannTyton

Braided sleeving is mainly used to bundle and protect cables. Standard wrap-around sleeves, which can be applied and removed with a single handle, are ideal for this purpose.

Other applications require braided cable sleeves with special material and properties. For example, there are heat-resistant fabric sleeves that withstand high temperatures. There are also sleevings that provide electromagnetic protection or sleeves that are tear-resistant and deliver excellent protection against abrasion.

Whether you are buying for IT or industrial infrastructure, you will find the right fabric hose for your application below.

High temperature wire sleeves

Cable braids made of non-flammable meta-aramid

HEGMAN high temperature sleeving

HEGMAN high temperature wire sleeves are designed for applications in demanding environments, where heat and fire protection are important and mechanical protection of wire harnesses is required.

This product is commonly used in the following industries:

  • Aerospace industry
  • Defence industry
  • Motor sports

HEGMAN expandable mesh cable sleeves offer good abrasion resistance, are extremely flexible and are also resistant to radiation and fluids.

Flame-retardant polyester braided sleeving

HEGPV0 flame-retardand polyester braided sleeving

The flame-retardant HEGPETFR braided sleeving is designed for use in environments where fire protection is essential. It is flam-retardant according to UL 1441VW-1, halogen free and used for example in the following industries:

  • Railway industry (EN45545-2 certified)
  • Machine tools
  • Robotics and automatic equipment

Made from robust polyester, is highly resistant to abrasion and also highly flexible.

The product variant Helagaine HEGPA66 is a flexible and expandable sleeving alternative made from highly durable polyamide yarn. This solution is particularly suitable for the requirements in the automotive and rail industries.

Wire shielding sleeves

Braided sleeving for EMI protection

Helagaine HEGEMIP braided sleeving for EMI protection combines electromagnetic protection and excellent abrasion resistance.

HEGEMIP EMI wire shielding wrap

HEGEMIP mesh cable braids are expandable and extremely flexible: Even bends of more than 90° are not an issue. This makes them perfect for applications where space is limited or for applications with a lot of movement.

HEGEMIP electromagnetic protection sleeves consist of a material mix of halogen-free polyester (abrasion protection yarn) and tinned copper (shielding yarn). This combination provides EMI shielding while reducing weight compared to full metal tubes.  

More benefits:

  • Supplied with a removable inner tube, for stability of shape and easy wire insertion
  • Meets IEC CISPR25 specifications
  • Ideal for highly sensitive electronics, e. g. in machinery, military equipment and automobiles

In addition to the standard type, HEGMIP braided sleeving for EMI protection is also available in the following variants

  • HEGEMIP-VG, for defence applications, approved to military norm VG 96936-10 / Type A
  • HEGEMIP-HY, for hybrid vehicles, in silver-orange
  • HEGEMIPV0, with UL94V0 classification, for higher fire protection requirements

Wrap-around sleeving


Self-wrapping and reusable protective sleeving

Twist-In self-closing polyester braided sleeving

HelaGaine Twist-In self-wrapping polyester sleeving is perfect for installation on pre-terminated wiring or retro fitting. It can be opened with a single movement.

Twist-In guarantees easy, simple cable bundling as well as removal without having to disassemble connectors or fittings. While it is primarily designed for optimal abrasion protection, it is also used for cable management. Individual cables can be easily branched out while the entire cable harness is closed and protected. HelaGaine Twist-In is often used in the production of industrial machinery, electronics, electrical engineering and in the automotive industry – but also as wire protection for home office and entertainment systems.

For environments where high fire protection is required, the flame retardant protective Twist-In-FR is the sleeving of choice.

Besides standard reels, Twist-In is also available in practical 2 m and 5 m lengths.


Rodent repellent self-wrapping woven sleeving

Twist-In RR: rodent repellent self-wrapping woven sleeving

Wild animals pose a threat to your installations. HelaGaine Twist-In-RR is designed to protect cables and hoses from rodents by being made of glass fiber and polyester multifilaments. This sleeving also offers excellent characteristics in terms of abrasion resistance, UV, vibrations and impacts protection.

HelaGaine Twist-In-RR is also frame-retardant and provides protection for harsh environments such as underground installations and sewage systems.

Among other fields of application, HelaGaine Twist-In-RR is also used in the following industries:

  • Automotive
  • Rail transport
  • Telecommunications

Besides standard reels, Twist-In-RR is also available in practical 2 m and 5 m lengths. 

Hook-and-loop protection sleeves

Re-closeable protective sleeving with hook-and-loop seal

HELAHOOK is a woven cable sleeve with hook-and-loop closure. This fast-sleeve perfectly matches cable bundles thanks to its elasticity. The wrap-around sleeve can be closed and reopened at any time, which makes it ideal for retrofitting.

Because it is reusable, Hook&Loop is also ideal for temporary use.

This sleeving is used in following areas of application:

  • Automotive industry
  • Industrial machines
  • Rail industry
  • Event management

Hydraulic hose protection sleeve

Burst protection sleeving

HEGWS burst protection sleeving for hydraulic hoses

The extremely tear and abrasion resistant HEGWS is especially designed for the protection of hydraulic hoses.

HEGWS protects equipment and the people working in close proximity to earth-moving machinery and in applications with mechanical vibration where injection injuries can occur from high pressure pinhole leaks or hose ruptures.

This enclosed polyamide braided sleeving meets DIN EN ISO 3457 and DIN EN 1299.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is braided sleeving?

Helagaine HEGPV0X Flame-retardant, high-expansion polyester braided sleeving

Braided sleeves help you to organise and bundle cables and wires. But that's not all: Sleeving is available in a variety of materials and with a wide variety of properties for different applications: from flame-retardant braids to burst protection sleeves for hydraulic hoses to EMI shielding sleeves.

While standard solutions are used at home and in IT environments, braided sleeving with special properties is used in almost all industries – including the automotive and rail industries and the defense aerospace industry.

How do you install braided sleeving?

Helagaine Twist-In-FR self-closing, flame-retardant polyester sleeving

Due to their flexibility, most braided sleeves can easily be pulled over bundled goods manually by the push- and slide method. With scissors or a hot cutting tool, you can simply cut your fabric sleeve to the right length (see details below).

HellermannTyton wire mesh cable braids are supplied with a removable inner tube to make it easier to push the sleeving over wire harnesses.

In contrast to tubular braided sleeves, there are also wrap-around woven sleeves. These are particularly suitable for quick installation, but also for retrofitting. HellermannTyton offers slit sleeves with a hook and loop closure, such as HELAHOOK, and self-wrapping sleeving such as Twist-In.

How do you cut braided sleeving?

HSG0 cable Sleeve Cutter

Cutting braided sleeving with conventional scissors is likely to fray the ends. This is why the use of a hot knife is recommended for low to medium quantities. With tools like the industrial hot knife HSG0 you can cut braided sleeves cleanly – without any fraying.

Within a few seconds the cutter is ready for use – all it takes is the push of a button. The metal knife is heated and cuts through the sleeve. The cut ends fuse together with their direct neighboring threads and form a new fray-free end.

Despite its robustness, the braided sleeving hot cutting tool HSG0 is very light and handy.

For high volume applications HellermannTyton offers customised cut length products. Please contact us for an individual offer.