IP68 gel cable connectors for indoors and outdoors

Easy to use and time-saving: RELICON cable connectors

Gel-filled Cable Joints

RELICON gel-filled cable joints for connecting wires indoors, outdoors and in the ground, consist of a robust shell and flexible RELICON gel.

The IP68 gel cable connectors meet the highest electrical engineering standards and offer mechanical protection and insulating in one easy step – the installers save time and do not require any special tools or accessories for the installation.

RELICON gel Technology advantages at a glance:

  • Ready-to-use out of the box
  • Robust moulding Shells made of polypropylene.

RELICON cable connectors are non-labelled and can be stored for an unlimited period. HellermannTyton offers gel-filled cable joints in a wide range of sizes covering the technical requirements of all common cable cross sections.

From now on, it's even easier to find the right gel-filled cable joint solution for your application, anytime and anywhere - with the RELICON app. Now available for free on iOS and Android. Find the download link and more details here.

The right IP68 gel cable connector for your application

Reliseal family

RELICON Reliseal straight-through gel joints: connectors for extreme conditions.

RELICON Reliseal gel cable connectors are designed for reliability and robustness under the toughest conditions. They are tested according to EN 60529:1991 and achieve protection class IP68 (waterproof to 10 meters). Ready-to-use out of the box, installation is quick and easy.

gel straight through and gel branch joint relilight

RELICON Relilight straight-through and branch connectors: specially designed for the needs of lighting installers to connect and branch-off small conductor cross-sections.

RELICON Relilight gel cable connectors, compact dimensions, integrated strain relief and IP68 safety class make it an ideal product for reliably connecting and insulating wires in confined spaces and under wet or dusty conditions. The connectors are tested to EN 60998-2-1:2004. They are resistant to ageing and weathering and withstand temperatures from -30 to +130 °C.

Relifix family

RELICON Relifix straight-through and branch connectors: for quick and effortless application.

RELICON Relifix gel cable connectors are suitable for cable connections indoors, outdoors and in conduits. They consist of a robust polypropylene sleeve pre-filled with RELICON gel. Relifix products comply with the highest electrical engineering requirements and provide mechanical protection and insulation in a single work step. The products comply with the major European standards EN 50393 (corresponding to DIN VDE 0278).



IP68 Two-component silicone gels

2-component silicone gel Religel Clear

RELICON Religel Clear - glossy, transparent gel for perfect visual control.

Your benefits

  • Optimal visual control through transparent colour material
  • Multiple use possible, mixing ratio 1:1
  • Excellent flow and insulating properties
  • Excellent moisture and chemical resistance
  • Soft elastic, vibration absorbing and removable residue-free
  • Fulfils protection class IP68 in combination with a suitable junction box 



2-component silicone gel Religel Plus

RELICON Religel Plus - individually dosable, quick and easy to handle.

Your benefits

  • Timesaving due to fast curing time
  • Stable up to 200 °C
  • Visual control of the homogenous mixture indicated by green-coloured component B
  • Multiple use possible, mixing ratio 1:1
  • Excellent flow and insulating properties
  • Excellent moisture and chemical resistance
  • Soft elastic, vibration absorbing and removable residue-free
  • Fulfils protection class IP68 in combination with a suitable junction box 


2-component silicone gel Religel

RELICON Religel two-component silicone gel.

Your benefits

  • Can be easily applied in individual quantities
  • Superb insulating properties, chemical resistance and resistance to moisture
  • Mixing the transparent resin and green-coloured hardener is simple and safe
  • Excellent flow properties make it easy to pour
  • Religel cures less than 10 minutes potting time
  • Fulfils protection class IP68 in combination with a suitable junction box 

IP68 silicone-free hydrocarbon resins

For applications where silicone is undesirable, or where saltwater resistance is required, HellermannTyton also offers two-component non-toxic transparent gel products based on hydrocarbon resins:

Relicon 2-component gel KH67

Two-component gel RELICON KH 67

RELICON KH 67  (yellow translucent) is especially suitable for use with junction boxes in the low-voltage range, located in a humid area or in the ground. After curing, RELICON  is characterised by its excellent resistance to moisture and very good insulating properties as well a good chemical resistance.
It is particularly suitable for filling of junction boxes.

Relicon 2-component gel KH 100

Two-component gel RELICON KH 100

RELICON KH 100 (orange translucent) is supplied in a 250 ml cartridge. It is suitable for use with junction boxes in the low-voltage range, located in humid areas or in the ground. After curing, RELICON KH 100 is characterised by its excellent resistance to moisture and very good insulating properties as well good chemical resistance. The supplied nozzle makes it easier to fill junction boxes in tight spaces.

Find your ideal RELICON solution


Find the right gel-filled cable joint for your application in four easy steps, with the RELICON Solution Finder. Our app for iOS and Android offers you many benefits:

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IP68 gel cable connectors for reliable cable connections under extreme conditions


RELICON Reliseal gel-filled cable connectors: for the toughest demands

gel filled cable joint Reliseal

RELICON Reliseal IP68 gel cable connectors are secure and robust partners for the most extreme conditions. The straight-through joints consist of a solid polypropylene shell (PP) filled with RELICON gel. These gel connectors are suitable for jointing on polymeric wires made of PVC, XLPE, PE, EPR, etc.

RELICON Reliseal fulfils the highest requirements for electrical installations and offers mechanical protection, insulation and sealing in one work step. Installers save time and require no special installation tools. Suitable for application in low-voltage electrical networks, underground, submerged, outdoors, indoors and in wiring ducts to repair damaged cable exposed to water or vibration.


RELICON Relilight gel-filled cable connectors: the compact protector

Gel-filled cable joints Relilight

RELICON Relilight connectors with IP68 protection classification are specially designed for lighting installations, with a specific focus on LED lighting.

They are tested according to DIN EN 60998-2-1:2004. The sleeves are flame retardant according to UL94 V0. Depending on the model and connector type, Relilight is suitable for straight-through and branch connections and for jointing on polymeric wires made of PVC, XLPE, PE, EPR etc.

The silicone-based RELICON gel pre-filled in the sleeves provides insulation, sealing and mechanical protection in one step and reduces the total cost of installation. Ideal for application in low-voltage networks, for outdoor lighting installations, connections underground, submerged, outdoors, indoors and in wiring ducts.

RELICON Relifix gel cable connectors: the universal sleeve

gel-filled cable joint Relifix

RELICON Relifix is quick and easy to install. The sleeves are provided with a film hinge and are made from thick-walled and impact resistant polypropylene (PP). The pre-filled RELICON gel in the shells insulates and seals the connection entirely. Depending on the type of connector, Relifix can be used universally for  straight-through and/or branch joints on polymeric cables and wires made of PVC, XLPE, PE, EPR etc.

For application in low-voltage networks underground, submerged (to 1.3 m), outdoors, indoors and in wiring ducts. A separate strain relief accessory is available where required, or alternatively, Reliseal or Relilight can be installed.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Do gel joints also protect against the ingress of foreign bodies (e.g. plant roots)?

Many gel sleeves do not offer complete protection. However, the RELICON Reliseal and Relilight gel joints do. No foreign bodies such as roots can penetrate. The Reliseal and Relilight gel sleeves have protection class IP68. The first digit indicates how resistant the housing is to the ingress of foreign bodies. The "6" is the highest protection available. This indicates that the sleeve is fully protected against penetration through the enclosure, like touching, debris, dust or roots. Reliseal and Relilight are thus optimally protected against root ingrowth.

Can gel joints be used in water?

In principle, gel joints can also be used in water, if the assembly is carried out correctly. RELICON gel joints are protected against water penetration for an indefinite period of time, even when completely submerged. In the case of the Reliseal gel joint, even in water depths of up to 10 metres.

Gel joint installation cannot be performed under water. The complete installation must be carried out "dry". However, the gel joints can be submerged in water directly after installation at depths of 1 to 10 metres, depending on the type.

What does strain relief mean?

Strain relief refers to a mechanical protective device on electrical cables. With the help of strain relief, the connection between electrical cables is protected against tensile forces. Tensile forces occur, for example, during excavation work when the cable is accidentally pulled, or when a cable is installed vertically or on a slope and is subject to gravity over time. The RELICON Reliseal and RELICON Relilight gel sleeves include integrated strain relief.

What regulations do the gel joints meet?

HellermannTyton gel joints are either tested according to the European guidelines of energy companies (EN 50393) or have the IP68 classification.

Gel joints can be reopened but not reused – what does this mean?

Our gel joints can be opened post installation, e.g. for visual inspection or for changing the cable configuration. However, it is not possible to reuse the same joint for a new installation. Closing a sleeve causes the gel to build up pressure around the cable sheath or conductor. This creates a contact surface that is only correct the first time it is closed. Accordingly, gel that has formed during the initial assembly cannot be used again, because the necessary pressure cannot be built up.

Is the gel harmful to the skin?

No, but if you come into contact with the gel, we recommend washing it off with plenty of soap and water. Do not use solvents or thinners.

What is crumb resin?

Crumb resin is the name given to a potting compound that can be easily removed after curing. This is possible by hand without the use of tools. In the process, the cured potting compound becomes "crumbly". Crumb resin is a 2-component resin based on hydrocarbon resin. These hydrocarbon resins are without hazardous substances. HellermannTyton offers the two crumb resins KH100 and KH67 in its portfolio.