Innovative cable jointing for reliable cable connections

RELICON cable joint sets equip you to reliably meet any cable jointing challenge

RELICON cable joints

RELICON cable joints are suitable for universal application as branch or straight through joints in low-voltage electrical installations.

They are the cable jointing product of choice of energy supply companies, industry and the electrical trade for permanently connecting cables buried in the ground.

Cable jointing is a necessary part of daily life for electrical engineers, and high expectations are placed on the end result. A cable joint  protects cables against moisture ingress, dust and penetration by foreign objects. 

From now on, it's even easier to find the right cast resin joint solution for your application, anytime and anywhere - with the RELICON app. Now available for free on iOS and Android. Find more details here.

Product overview


RELICON cable joints are longitudinally and laterally waterproof. The sets are available in various sizes as straight through i-Line joints and also as Y-Line and T-Line branch joints or PA parallel branch joints. They can be used for cable jointing underground, under water or in installation ducts, for example for connecting buildings to the mains supply.

cable jointing: Relicon i-joint


RELICON cable joints are resistant to environmental influences and are non-toxic. HellermanTyton offers polyurethane and epoxy-based resins  (eg  PUR 33 cast resin) in its product range. These are suitable for the majority of cable jointing requirements in low voltage systems.

Safe and reliable processing of cast resin for cable jointing with our SF technology.

Relicon save filling system bag

Our optimised "Safe Filling" (SF) system ensures that, the installer is protected from coming into contact with the cast resin components whilst they are mixed and the joint sleeve is filled. This means that working with RELICON resin cable joint kits is always a safe, clean and efficient process.

The transparent cast resin bag is connected to the moulding sleeve by means of a filling nozzle and an adapter so that the cast resin mixture can be poured easily. The excellent flow properties of our cast resins make pouring simple and the transparent material used for the cable sleeve guarantees optimum visual control of the filling process at all times.

A ring in the cast resin pouch makes it easy to position and connect the special SF filling nozzle. After it is securely attached to the mixture bag with an adapter ring, the nozzle can be inserted securely into the opening of the upper joint Shell.

RELICON Safe filling technology RELICON Safe filling technology

Step 1: Remove the transparent two-chamber pouch from the aluminium-lined bag.
Step 2: Open the cold seal between the resin and hardener component by squeezing.
Step 3: Mix the two components thoroughly by kneading the pouch.

RELICON Safe filling technology RELICON Safe filling technology

Step 4: The patented colour change indicates when the components are homogenously mixed.
Step 5: Press the nozzle firmly onto the adapter ring.
Step 6: The nozzle fits securely in the top of the shell and makes bubble-free pouring of the cast resin possible.

The right product for your cable jointing application

Straight-through joints (low voltage)

cable jointing: Relicon i-joint family

RELICON i-Line straight-through joints are made for cable jointing in low voltage electrical networks. i-Line cast resin joints are suitable for jointing on polymeric cables and wires made of PVC, XLPE, PE, EPR and utility cables.
Applications: cable jointing in industrial buildings, power supply in the ground, outdoors and underwater.

Branch joints (low voltage)

RELICON branch cable joints T-Line and Y-Line

RELICON T-Line and Y-Line branch joints are suitable for cable jointing in low voltage electrical networks. These cable joint kits can be used on polymeric cables and wires made of PVC, XLPE, PE, EPR and utility cables. Applications: connections in industrial buildings, power supply in the ground, outdoors and in the water.

Parallel branch joints PA

Cable jointing Relicon branch joint PA

PA-11 58/230, PA-12 75/300 and PA-13 95/420 are universal straight-through and branch cable joints. They can be filled with either Reliflex cast resin (non-labelled) or PUR 33 cast resin. Depending on the connector, they can be used for single- and double branches. They are suitable for jointing on polymeric cables and wires made of  PVC, XLPE, PE, EPR and utility cables. Applications: low voltage electrical networks as well as for signal and communication cables; for power supply lines for outdoor lighting and for cable repairs; underground, submerged, outdoors, indoors and in wiring ducts.

Parallel branch joint for house connections PAH

Straight-through joint Relicon PAH

PAH-1 120/290, PAH-2 130/300, PAH-3 135/360 and PAH-4 140/420 are universal straight-through and branch cable joints. PAH-2, PAH-3 and PAH-4 can also be filled with either Reliflex cast resin (non-labelled) or PUR 33 cast resin. They can be applied as single branch joints with commercial branch clamping rings on polymeric cables and wires made of PVC, XLPE, PE, EPR and utility cables. Applications: low voltage electrical networks branch joints for connecting building; underground, submerged, outdoors, indoors.


Find your ideal RELICON solution

Find your ideal RELICON solution

Find the right cast resin joint for your application in four easy steps, with the RELICON Solution Finder. Our app for iOS and Android offers you many benefits:


  • Find your solution within seconds
  • Have the complete portfolio at hand
  • Share your preferred product
  • Get in touch with our sales team

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RELICON cast resin expertise for reliable cable jointing in low and medium voltage networks:

Two-component polyurethane cast resin RELICON PUR 33 ​​​​​​​(low voltage)

Cast resin Relicon PUR 33

The RELICON PUR 33 cast resin is designed for the electrical insulation and mechanical protection of cable connections in low voltage electrical networks. It is also suitable as mechanical and moisture protection in medium voltage cable jointing scenarios. Applications: for indoor and outdoor use.


RELICON cast resin joints reliably protect your cable connections - even under extreme conditions. Learn more here in this video:

Further insulation options: Gels

HellermannTyton offers many other solutions for electrical insulation and moisture protection in the low-voltage range. One example is the transparent, saltwater-resistant and removable 2-component gel RELICON KH 67. The 2-component gel RELICON KH 100 has similar properties and can be easily applied with a standard cartridge gun.

You can find more information about our gels and gel joints here on a separate page.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the cast resins packed in a transparent bag?

The cast resin and hardener are in a transparent two-chamber bag. When the bag is kneaded, the inner seam breaks and the two components can mix. During mixing, the mass changes colour. The transparent bag makes it possible to see when the mass is homogeneously mixed.

What is the advantage of the integrated filling funnel?

The advantage of the integrated filling funnel is the safe and clean filling of the joint shell without you coming into contact with the cast resin.

What does "mechanical protection" mean?

Mechanical protection is intended to protect the cable from physical influences such as impact (due to excavation work), movement, abrasion, tensile forces, traffic vibration (sub-standard work by construction workers, vehicle movement rattles the installation), vibration and pressure (e.g. due to earth masses, water or weight of the cable).

Mechanical protection often also provides protection against thermal stress.

What standards do HellermannTyton cast resin joints meet?

HellermannTyton cast resin joints are tested according to EN 50393, which corresponds to DIN VDE 0278-393. EN 50393 includes the following test procedures:

  1. alternating voltage test in air (4Kv for 1 minute)
  2. insulation resistance test in air
  3. impact resistance at ambient temperature
  4. alternating voltage test in 1m water depth (4Kv for 1 minute)
  5. insulation resistance test in 1m water depth
  6. load cycle test in air (63 cycles x 8 hours = 504 hours)
  7. load cycle test in water (63 cycles x 8 hours = 504 hours in 1m water depth)
  8. alternating voltage test in 1m water depth (4Kv for 1 minute)
  9. insulation resistance test in 1m water depth
  10. examination

What does the IP68 degree of protection mean?

The degrees of protection are indicated by an abbreviation code consisting of the  letters IP ("International Protection") and two numbers for the degree of protection. The first number represents the protection against contact and penetration of foreign bodies and dust, while the second number represents the protection against water ingress. Our cast resins have protection class IP68, which means the following:

6 = protection against dust ingress and physical contact

8 = Protection against permanent immersion

HellermannTyton cast resin sleeves automatically meet the requirements of protection class IP68 and the higher requirements of EN 50393 due to their design. For this reason, a separate test is not necessary, which means that we do not publish the IP68 protection class.

Are cast resins a hazardous material and what happens in case of skin contact?

All HellermannTyton cast resins are labelled SVHC-free. This means that the cast resins do not contain hazardous substances and can be processed as such. However, to mitigate any risk of skin contact, we supply you with protective gloves. We advise you to wear them during the complete mixing and filling process. Should you nevertheless come into contact with a cast resin, wash the area under running water or use our Reliclean cloths.

How should cast resins be stored and disposed of?

The shelf life of our cast resins varies. In general, the following storage times apply when stored properly in the original packaging at +5 °C to +40 °C:

  • PUR 33: up to 48 months

As soon as the two cast resin components are homogeneously mixed and have reacted, the cured cast resin is harmless to the environment and is not hazardous waste. Therefore, old cast resin joints and cured cast resin residues can be disposed of in normal household waste. Please note that cast resins must be processed and cured according to the packaging instructions before disposal. For larger quantities, contact the respective disposal company beforehand to ensure proper disposal, as these are regulated differently in some regions.

What are the uses of cast resins?

  • Sub-zero temperatures: Cast resins can also be used at low temperatures as long as the resin is warmed to at least 10 °C or higher before mixing. Higher temperatures will result in a faster curing time.
  • Under water: Cast resin cannot be poured under water. However, the cast resin hardens directly after filling the joint, even under water without foaming. Accordingly, the cast resin joint can be placed under water directly after filling, even if the cast resin has not yet fully hardened. Our cast resins are hydrophobic and especially for this application requirement.