2-piece fixing ties for edges

Pre-assembled fixing tie and edge clip, ideal when holes and adhesives are unsuitable.

This pre-assembled cable tie and EdgeClip is perfect on solar installations when temperature issues cause adhesives to fail, or when holes are unacceptable. The ties are available inside- or outside-serrated, and the metal clamp provides high pull force. Different versions allow parallel installation or at 90° to the edge.

„We have been using these practical 2-piece ties for a long time to easily and reliably attach cables to our solar panels. The assembly is quick – that saves time – and the ties last for many years. We are very satisfied with the quality of these products.“
Sven Klosse

Qualified Geographer (Purchasing & Logistics), Bejulo GmbH

MSC2LP metal edge clip

Easily installed without tools – a solution with high extraction force and suitable for extreme conditions.

The metal edge clip made from stainless steel has an integrated design that makes installation fast and easy. It has been designed for retaining different sizes of cable and wire and is suitable for different panel thicknesses.

“I’ve seen a lot of situations where cables and wires are unsafe because the retainers just don’t hold up to the extremely exposed solar sites. I like this metal edge clip because it stands up to any situation – the really harsh stuff.”
Frank Wedler

Strategic Procurement Manager, BELECTRIC GmbH

Cable tie in PA11 material

High tensile strength and performance for a secure hold even in harsh UV conditions.

This cable tie made from polyamide 11 (PA11) combines high tensile strength with sustainability. PA11 is manufactured from renewable castor oil sources. The strength of PA11 makes this plastic tie a product of choice in a variety of solar installations, especially when movement is a factor (e.g. trackers, temperature changes) and metal is not ideal.

“Sure, PA11 cable ties cost more than standard ties, but personally, I prefer ties made from this material because I’ve seen how it can really cope with the UV conditions. I want something that holds as long as my solar farm lasts. And it does that.”
Mario Alberto Conejero Ramirez

Acciona Energia

Identification tags for cable bundle in ladder style TAGPU

UV-stabilized and designed for larger cable and wire bundles – ready for thermal transfer or laser beam printing.

The robust and flexible polyurethane used in these cable markers make them especially suited to the harsh environments of solar installations whenever larger bundles must be marked. They are pre-cut, available in various colours and have a convenient "ladder" system. Retrofitting is possible, and all you need to do is print out TAGPU on a thermal transfer or laser beam printer and attach it to the cables.

"When I need a identification tag for solar cables, I always turn to this one. It’s flexible, strong and easy to handle, and I know that it lasts as long as it is required for our solar projects.”
Uwe Weiss

Project Purchaser, IBC SOLAR AG


Identification tags for cable bundle

TAGPU LOOP is a specially designed cable marker for identifying wires and cables without using a cable tie. The markers are looped on cables and wires from 2.8 mm to 35 mm, where a permanently legible and UV resistant marking is required. The cable markers consist of a robust and flexible polyurethane material and are especially suited for harsh environments.

Ratchet P-Clamp (RCC90SM10)

This family of products stands out for its versatility, robust design and durability – an ideal solution for heavy-duty indoor and outdoor applications.

The design of the Ratchet P-Clamp makes it possible to divide pre- and final assembly.It is easy to close with one hand and can also be quickly released with a flat-head screwdriver and re-used. It comes in four sizes and is and made from UV-stabilized and impact-modified PA66 for durability in solar installations. The steel mounting plate is treated to resist chemicals and spray.

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