Meet the CPK hybrid!

Discover fast and flexible bundling with the latest Autotool model

Unbeatable performance – now fully portable

Tying large volumes of cable ties on bundles up to Ø 20 mm quickly and with consistent quality has never been easier. The unique Autotool CPK hybrid can be used cordless with an 18V Li HD battery or corded via the mains power pack. The choice is yours. The result is always fast and reliable.

CPK hybrid benefits at a glance:

  • NEW Top speed of just 0.65 secs per binding
  • NEW Battery operation increases flexibility of use
  • 5 tension and 3 quality settings
  • All process data accessible for evaluation 
  • Integratable into fully automated scenarios

Hybrid = greater flexibility of use

CPK hybrid operated by 18 V battery and bandolier of 50 cable ties

Portable with battery option

CPK hybrid in use with mains Power Pack and overhead suspension kit

Corded with Power Pack

The robust case has space for a Power Pack, 3 batteries and charger

Robust transportation case

High performance batteries

18 V Metabo CAS batteries are fast charging and compatible with many professional power tools

The CPK hybrid can be operated with 18V 2.0 Ah Li-Ion batteries which are compatible with a wide range of professional tools in the Metabo CAS Cordless Alliance System.


These high performance batteries are designed for fast charging. The current charge level can be read on the tool display and on the battery itself. A fully charged battery will process at least 8,000 cable ties.
Bandoliers of 50 cable ties are ideal for applications requiring full autonomy from mains power or automated installation.

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